Crunchyroll Beta Experience is Available for U.S. Anime Fans!

Crunchyroll Launches Crunchyroll Beta, A New Experience For Crunchyroll Premium Users in the U.S. Crunchyroll, the world’s most popular anime


Horimiya Episode 7 Review: Time for the Side Characters to Shine

The Spotlight is on Yuki and Sakura in Horimiya Episode 7 The stars of this Horimiya episode are Sakura and

Kemeno Jihen

Kemeno Jihen Episode 7 Review: Home is Where the Trauma Began

It’s Time for Shiki to Confront His Past in Kemeno Jihen Episode 7 Here we have another Shiki-centered Kemeno Jihen

Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Review: Confronting Trauma

Depression is a Beast Worth Fighting in Wonder Egg Priority Episode 7 Wonder Egg Priority is slowly giving Rika depth,


Celebrating 25 Years of Pokemon

We all know and love the story of Pokemon: a boy comes into acquaintance with a little electric mouse and

Crunchyroll Anime Awards

Crunchyroll Anime Awards: Jujutsu Kaisen Is Your Anime of the Year Winner, Summer Anime Season Titles Announced

Here’s your winners from the 5th Annual Crunchyroll Anime Awards and Summer Anime Season Announcements Each and every year Crunchyroll

Wonder Egg Priority

Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 Review: Big Smiles and Big Revelations

Haters Gonna Hate in Wonder Egg Priority Episode 6 There was a lot that happened in this episode of Wonder

Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen Episode 6 Review: Shiki Is The Star of The Show

Watch Shiki Shine in Kemono Jihen Episode 6 This is a pretty heavy Shiki episode and it was gladly welcomed!