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Future State Nightwing brings us a Gritty Dick Grayson

Nightwing is broken after the loss of his mentor Batman. And the Magistrate can see the cracks Gotham has done

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan Episode 66 – Assault (Recap)

Attack on Titan Ep. 66 Brought Forth An Onslaught from Eren and the Scouts Regiment. Here are our recap and


Batwoman Season 2, Episode 2 – Prior Criminal History (Review)

Ryan Wilder takes the final steps on the road to taking up the mantle of Batwoman but can she stick

Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone Season 2: Stone Wars: Episode 2 – Hot Line (Recap/Review)

Dr. Stone Continues To Prove and Cement Its Early Legacy of Being a Must-Watch Anime Series Week to Week When