The Promised Neverland Season 2, Episode 2 (Review)

Emma and Ray learn the real meaning behind The Promised Neverland, a promise made a thousand years ago between demons and humans

As Ray and Emma regroup with the rest of the children they managed to escape with, they make new allies in Sonju and Mujika and learn the reason as to why they were saved and the truth between the promised made between humans and demons. After last week’s episode, many of us anime-only watchers were left with a couple of burning questions. Who are these demons and why did they save Ray and Emma?

The Promised Neverland

This week we got the answers to those questions and a stunning revelation about the world these children coexist in. After reuniting with the kids who were in the process of being fed, Sonju and Mujika reveal to everyone that while they are demons, due to religious beliefs they do not eat human flesh. But are ok with eating other animals and things like that. So cannibalism is definitely not part of their MO.

While learning this, Ray asks questions about the world they live in and asks Sonju do they really live on Earth and do they really live in the year 2046 as they once believed. Thinking it wasn’t true, Sonju confirms that they do live on Earth and are indeed in the year 2046 as they were told. Here Sonju reveals to both Emma and Ray more about the world they live in and the world that we know as The Promised Neverland.

Sonju reveals that many years ago humans and demons lived together but eventually grew to dislike each other and started hunting and killing each other. Growing tired of the endless cycle, demons and humans came up with a sort of truce, a promise if you will, and vowed to live segregated from each other thus metaphorically speaking, splitting the world in two. Demons lived on one side of the world and humans lived on another. Emma and Ray also learn about the other orphanages and plantations in which humans are bred and raised with kids being fed to the demon to essentially keep the peace.

Excited by the fact that humans exist elsewhere in the world, Emma jumps at the chance of making it there only to have Sonju calm the fever and telling her that they’ll need to learn some essential skills if they want to make it out of the forest and the outside world. In doing so, Sonju and Mujika teach all of the kids, including Emma and Ray how to cook, harvest, use a harpoon and how to use a bow and arrow in order to survive.

The Promised Neverland

Sonju and Mujika also show the group the best way to get out of the forest using the underground tunnels they created for themselves for safe passage and by using a dead zone on the north side of the forest in order to avoid the demons who roam around the south side of the forest’s exit. Thus revealing that it will take them about a week, 5-6 days exactly to make it to where they need to go.

With the kids all prepped and ready to venture out again, Sonju wants to scout the area before leaving the underground tunnels. Emma asks Sonju if she can tag along and he agrees but warns her that she must stay close to him and his horse. On the outside, Sonju asks Emma why did she ask to join him on his patrol because he knows she didn’t just want a change of scenery.

Emma reveals to him that she wanted him to teach her how to hunt and kill wild livestock in order to hunt and gather on their own once she and the rest of the group parted ways with him and Mujika. Sonju teaches Emma how to hunt and kill and teaches her a bit about serving up your kill to the Gods and asking them to bless your food in order to eat it. If the Gods don’t bless your kill, then you can’t eat it.

The Promised Neverland

In the process, Emma learns about the Gupna ritual and how it is used in the sacrificial process, and how it is used to drain your kill’s blood in order to longer preserve your gathered meat. While we’re only two episodes in, nothing out of this world has happened yet, but we did get a ton of new information about the world of The Promised Neverland and in the process got the stage set for what’s to be a grueling game of survival for Emma and the rest of the group.

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