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Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Episode 7 – Quickening (Review)

After Hyouma’s enlightening conversation with Haori in the last episode, the action is cranked up a notch this time. Now that he’s learned more about Botan he’s lightened up a bit, but his resolve is even stronger than before. His presence at the Nagatsuki Household is attracting a lot of attention, despite the fact that he’s simply there for “training purposes”. While he and Botan are away, “Aogi, the War Fan” stops by the estate on an errand. Before he reveals his
reason for coming, Suzuri extracts some information from him about his inquiring clients.

From Aogi, we learn about 3 particular factions; “The Sogenbi” a group that includes the rogue Tsukumogami from episode 3, “The Kadomori” a Saenome faction in charge of defending Kyoto, and “The Bureau of Traditional Music” a faction that includes one the Three Great Tsukumogami of Kyoto. Aogi’s visit was on behalf of one of these factions, namely The Kadomori. He informs them that The Kadomori are “calling them out”, a message that comes off pretty ominous. With them being a clan of Saenome, it makes sense that they would want to meet with Hyouma. Apparently, he’s operating in their territory but has yet to ever meet them.

His grandfather Zohei describes the head of the family (Taiju Kadomori), as a “Bird of Prey” putting on the front of a sly old man. Initially, the meeting between the two seemed to be going well, but it seems that some of the Kadomori might view Hyouma as a spoiled rich kid. When he first arrives, they give him a display of their techniques on a Tsukumogami that they lured into the area. Afterward, Taiju asks Hyouma his opinion on it as the next Head Of Saenome. Unless I’ve missed something in the previous episodes, this is the first we’re hearing of the Kunato family having a special status among the Saenome.

Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Episode 7 Review The Nerdy Basement

Hyouma is met with no opposition in regards to operating in their territory, but things turn sour when the conversation shifts to their feelings on Botan. Taiju views Botan and the Nagatsuki as a family of monsters. This is the first time that we see someone with a hatred for Tsukumogami in contrast to Hyouma’s. Taiju tells him that the only reason they haven’t gotten rid of Botan is that she is always protected, and Hyouma is in the perfect position to do it for him. With zero hesitation Hyouma rejects the request (3 times), even after being threatened with physical force.

For the first time, he also reveals that he’s developed a fondness for the Nagatsuki Family. After that, Taiju wastes no time siccing his subordinates on Hyouma. His daughter, on the other hand, having been present the entire time observing Hyouma, decides that she won’t be getting involved. When Taiju’s men fail to incapacitate Hyouma due to underestimating his combat experience, we discover their true methods of combat involve enslaving Tsukumogami with “control
talismans”. He explains that their motto is to use whatever is available to them, which is why he uses the Tsukumogami-like objects.

Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari Episode 7 Review The Nerdy Basement

As the fight gets underway, Hyouma doesn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops. He comes out swinging and starts taking them down immediately. It might look like he’s in a pickle, but Hyouma doesn’t appear worried at all. The only question we’re left with now is who the victor will be. Just as the episode starts comes to an end, we finally get some information on what Hyouma’s secret weapons are. They’re ritual tools of the Kunato Family handed down directly from the Saeno Kami; the guardian God of the border between the living and the dead. Taiju refers to them as “The “door pull,” Chibiki-iwa.”. From what we’ve seen of it so far it has the power to break Tsukumogami instantly.

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