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Spy x Family, Tokyo Revengers, Chainsaw Man (AITB Ep. 009)

The Nerdy Basement Presents: Anime In The Basement Episode 009 – Anime/Manga You Must Read/Watch (Spy x Family, Tokyo Revengers, Chainsaw Man)

Your Anime In The Basement hosts Ozzy and Boozer are back again with another banger as they discuss some of the latest manga and anime series they feel you should be reading and watching. Kicking off that list is the latest manga from Mangaka Shinobu Ohtaka, “Orient”. In “Orient” 15-year-old Musashi and his best friend Kojiro task themselves with becoming Bushi. Unique and skilled samurai tasked with killing Demons. Musashi has gotten what he’s asked for, Kojiro…not so much. Although their respective goals have changed, Musashi is determined to continue his journey of becoming a Bushi alongside Kojiro.

Boozer and Ozzy also discuss the likes of “Chainsaw Man” as its anime series steadily approaches (check out the official teaser trailer above), the heartwarming manga by Tatsuya Edo “Spy x Family”. “Spy x Family” follows Loid a word-class spy who is tasked with creating a fake family in order to infiltrate one of the world’s most elite schools in order to prevent an impending war. Little does Loid know is that his soon-to-be daughter is a telepath and his soon-to-be wife is a cold-blooded assassin. Neither knows the other’s true identity. How will they function when the fate of the world hangs in the balance?

To Your Eternity Anime In The Basement Episode 009 The Nerdy Basement
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Ozzy and Boozer cap this episode off with a deep dive review of “To Your Eternity”, “86: Eighty-Six”, and “Tokyo Revengers”. Each show has something unique and they all touch upon some interesting themes like reincarnation, oppression, starting from scratch. All that and more in this super jam-packed episode of Anime in the Basement.

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