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‘TRIGUN STAMPEDE’ Episode 6 – Once Upon a Time in Hopeland (Review)

It almost doesn’t feel like we’re on the sixth episode of Trigun Stampede. The first three episodes of this season could have worked as a short film on their own. Every episode since has seemed to focus more on Wolfwood than Vash, and we see that again in this episode as he’s faced with his own ghost from the past. This is where we get many of our questions about Nicolas D. Wolfwood answered. Studio Orange gives us some rather beautifully done flashback scenes in the style of an old silent movie.

The quality of their musical arrangement is even more noticeable as a result, making this episode immersive from start to finish. Before the opening credits we’re given a glimpse of the assassin inside Wolfwood, foreshadowing that he’ll be our primary focus. As much as he criticizes Vash for his pacifism, we see Wolfwood in the same mode as Vash this time.

Trigun Stampede Episode 6 Review The Nerdy Basement

“Simply trying to protect too much.” For the moment, Roberto has decided to head home partly in the interest of safety. He suggests that when the group stops in Julai City they go their separate ways, but Meryl doesn’t seem too happy with his decision. Wolfwood tags along with Vash, and the two of them board a familiar-looking vessel. Not long after they’re onboard, Wolfwood spots someone getting ready to attack Vash.

It ends up being his childhood friend from the orphanage “Livio”. In a similar fashion to Wolfwood, he uses two cross-shaped sub-machine guns and is dressed like a priest. His only objective seems to be eliminating Vash, even though Vash actually puts up a fight. Neither he nor Wolfwood is willing to land a fatal shot.

As their struggle ensues, we get flashbacks filling in the missing context on who Livio is, and the bond he once had with Wolfwood. One of Knives’ssubordinates Legato Bluesummers makes an appearance alongside the same “Doctor” that experimented on Rollo in the previous episode. Apparently, Wolfwood was taken that same way as a child and forced to undergo similar experiments. Though he was a much better fit for whatever they were trying to do. Livio eventually succumbed to the same fate, but Wolfwood must be holding out hope that there is a way to save him.

Trigun Stampede Episode 6 Review The Nerdy Basement

If there is, the guards almost put that dream to bed, and there’s more trouble on the way. Just as things were beginning to appear under control, Legato rolls upon the vehicle beside them accompanied by “Zazie The Beast”. He uses his abilities to knock them off course, and at the same time, the Bad LadsGang begins their raid. They’ve got a flashy new design but the same old slogan.

Things are getting dangerous as usual on this adventure aboard the SandSteamer. Roberto wasn’t wrong to notice Vash is a trouble magnet; Meryl for some reason thinks there is something to be gained by sticking around. I for one would probably be keeping my distance. There are going to be a lot more bullets flying before this is over.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

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