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Vash finds himself cornered in this week’s episode of Trigun Stampede

This week’s episode of TRIGUN STAMPEDE kicks off in a familiar fashion for anyone who read the manga or watched the previous series. The fact that this episode is titled “Running Man” should be a hint. It starts off seemingly peaceful until the entire town joins in trying to capture Vash and collect his bounty. Meryl and Roberto decided to help him out a bit during his escape from the townspeople but he ultimately ends up being cornered and held up at gunpoint again anyway. The scene then shifts to the Nebraska Family father and son duo on their way to capture Vash and collect the bounty themselves. It’s hard to say how fans will take the new designs for Father Nebraska and Gofsef but the difference is undoubtedly noticeable.

The changes to Father Nebraska aren’t much with the exception being that he seems to have a lot more hair and a bit of a higher stature. Though his apparent increase in stature could simply be a result of how much smaller Gofsef has been made. It looks like Studio Orange decided to scale down size on the big guy which unfortunately has some ramifications on the story as well. For instance, the original size of Gofsef made it so that he could destroy entire buildings simply by shooting his fist. His new design makes him look more like the character Franky from One Piece rather than the giant powerhouse we knew before. This makes me even more curious about what changes may have been made to the rest of the Nebraska Family.

Trigun Stampede Episode 2 Review The Nerdy Basement

The two of them arrive in time to see the town preparing to capture Vash and they instantly begin their attack forcing Vash to perform a classic heroic rescue of the same people that just finished attacking him. Once they make it clear that they are there to collect his bounty a whole new chase begins. The Nebraskas briefly pursue Vash before turning around; discovering a new way to make some cash. The new plot the Nebraska Duo have devised involves stealing the Plant that the townspeople use to survive and while Vash and the others are unaware they begin wreaking havoc inside the town.

When Vash returns he attempts to stop the duo nonviolently as usual. The resolution of the episode was an especially new twist. We got another great display of Vash’s speed and gun-slinging prowess if only for a second. Vash ends up rescuing his enemy and saving the day in a display reminiscent of a scene from The Batman. Everyone including the Nebraskas ends up drinking together at the saloon. What happens next was a surprise but Vash attempting to make his exit quietly was fairly predictable.

Trigun Stampede Episode 2 Review The Nerdy Basement

Roberto seemed to be the only one who noticed it and judging from his comments to Vash it seems he understands his actions much more than his partner Meryl does. I was pleasantly shocked in the last scene with the sudden appearance of more Lost Technology, which attacks Gofsef in the Saloon leading to an explosion that I can imagine does not bode well. Although it may not be looking good for him, the anticipation for what comes next surely is.

TRIGUN STAMPEDE is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

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