Malevolent Spirits Mononogatari Episode 3 Overflow Review

‘Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari’ Episode 3 – Overflow (Review)

Mononogatari returns with another impressive episode, giving viewers a peek at an entirely new side of Hyouma. He’s still trying to gain the approval of all the Tsukumogami in the Nagatsuki Family and has gathered most of their signatures. All but one. We’re not exactly given an answer as to whether or not Hyouma will continue to stay with them but it’s heavily implied. On the final day before the deadline, he learns that he’s not the only one holding a grudge, and in a twist of events, his dedication to trying his hardest almost winds up getting him killed.

It’s even more clear by the end that his hatred isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it looks like he’s open to making some special exceptions. The episode opens on the morning of the third day, and Botan appears to feel guilty about the deadline she’s given Hyouma; however when she attempts to express this and potentially even offer him more time; he promptly turns it down. So far he has gained the approval of Nagi, Suzuri, Kagami, Haori, and Kushige. With Haori being an old friend of his grandfather Kohei, and the one he’s relying on with helping to heal his grandson; Hyouma doesn’t have to do much to gain her approval.

Malevolent Spirits Mononogatari Episode 3 Overflow Review

As for Kushige on the other hand, we’re not necessarily given any personal reason why, but he’s apparently been on board from the beginning like Haori. It’ll
be interesting to learn more about those two characters as the series goes on because they seem to be the oldest of all the Tsukumogami. The only Tskumogami that Hyouma has to win over now is Yu. Unfortunately for him, it doesn’t look like Yu is as convinced as the others are. She appears to wield large hairpins as ranged projectiles that bind her enemies into a ball upon contact(in a shape similar to a Hair Bun).

Yufinishes the job that they were supposed to work together on before Hyouma arrives and makes it clear that he isn’t needed. It turns out that the one bothered the most by his earlier comments on the day he arrived was actually her all along. She then challenges Hyouma declaring that the only way he will receive her signature is by defeating her. The rest oftheNagatsuki family and some enemy Tsukumogami seeking to ambush them pick up on her sudden use of spirit energy while she attacks him. Hyoumarefuses to engage her and actually manages to talk her down before she slips up.

Malevolent Spirits Mononogatari Episode 3 Overflow Review

Just as their enemies approach she hits him with one of her pins by accident, temporarily putting him out of commission. The rest of the family rushes in to stop what they think is simply Yu going overboard. Instead, they arrive in the middle of an ambush, and while they attempt to free Hyouma; their enemies decide to try and kill him. Too bad for them they never get the chance because when the enemy Tsukumogami admits to the others that they’ve killed several people, a switch flips inside of Hyouma.

Out of nowhere he manages to free himself from the binding with no effort and erases all of the enemy Tsukumogami in a matter of seconds (with a sadistic grin on his face). His righteous rage is shown in full force. Although we don’t see him get Yu’s signature in this episode; it’s hard to imagine where the series could even go from here if he left now. Haori has some high hopes for her old friend’s grandson, and hints of a future romance continue to abound.

Malevolent Spirits: Mononogatari is streaming now on Crunchyroll.

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