'Lovely Dark and Deep' Review: Lucid Dreaming and Atmospheric Horror Can Only Get You So Far The Nerdy Basement

‘Lovely Dark and Deep’ Review: Lucid Dreaming and Atmospheric Horror Can Only Get You So Far

National Parks have always been a place worthy of attraction, and tourism, but also have become grounds for some of

Red Right Hand Review The Nerdy Basement

‘Red Right Hand’ Review: A Violent Test of Faith

We all seek to right our wrongs and leave our past behind us as we look ahead and seek the

Madame Web Review: Sony Pictures' Latest Meme Generator The Nerdy Basement

‘Madame Web’ Review – Sony Pictures’ Latest Meme Generator

If the ultimate goal of the Sony Universe of Spider-Man Characters is to create films that serve as nothing more

Dune: Part Two Los Angeles Screening The Nerdy Basement

‘DUNE: PART TWO’ Advanced Screening in Los Angeles with The Nerdy Basement

We are less than two weeks away from the official release of Denis Villeneuve’s ‘DUNE: PART TWO’ and we have

'The Marvels' Review: Marvel's Female-Led Trio Soars To New Heights The Nerdy Basement

‘The Marvels’ Review: Marvel’s Female-Led Trio Soars To New Heights

It’s time to go higher, further, faster as Marvel Studios ‘The Marvels’ is now streaming on Disney Plus. If you

Restore Point Review The Nerdy Basement

‘Restore Point’ Review: Czech Sci-Fi Thriller is Injected With New Life

Life is fragile and you quite literally get to only live it once. Many of us wish we were immortal

The Seeding Review - The Nerdy Basement

‘The Seeding’ Review: A Dreadful, Disturbing Viewing Experience

We’re just about a month into 2024 and we had a few horror films release this month. Two major releases,

'T.I.M' Review: This Sci-Fi Thriller is a Technological Malfunction

‘T.I.M.’ Review: This Sci-Fi Thriller is a Technological Malfunction

Artificial intelligence has been one of the pinnacle points of storytelling in sci-fi films. Eerily enough, AI has been a

Double Down South Review The Nerdy Basement

‘Double Down South’ Review: Gambling with a Southern Charm

I’m a stranger when it comes to keno pool, let alone gambling. The folks inside Tom Schulman’s ‘Double Down South’?

96th Oscars Full List of Nominees - Oscars 2024 - The Nerdy Basement

Oscars 2024 Full List of Nominees – ‘Oppenheimer’ Leads in Nominations Including ‘Best Picture’

This biggest awards show of the year is fast approaching and today, actors Jack Quaid and Zazie Beetz announced the

Stroking An Animal Review The Nerdy Basement

‘Stroking An Animal’ Review: Love and Friendships Are Tested in This Drama-Hollow Romance

Relationships. Whether platonic or romantic, relationships are a crucial part of the mental, physical, and emotional success of mankind. It

'The Night They Came Home' Review: Retelling of The Rufus Buck Gang Story Is Not A Complete Misfire

‘The Night They Came Home’ Review: Retelling of The Rufus Buck Gang Story Is Not A Complete Misfire

Growing up on the small Caribbean island known as Puerto Rico, watching Western films was one of the many ways

SAG Awards 2024 Nominees Full List The Nerdy Basement

SAG Awards 2024 Full Nominees List

On Wednesday morning, Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani announced the nominees for the 30th Annual SAG Awards, recognizing individual performances

Golden Globes 2024 Full Winners List The Nerdy Basemnet

Golden Globes Awards 2024 Full Winners List

Award season is upon us and it’s off to the races with a hot start at tonight’s Golden Globes. A

Mayhem Review The Nerdy Basement

‘Mayhem’ Review: Bloodsoaked Vengeance Executed To Near Perfection

There are often times when a film completely flies under my radar or lingers persistently in my radar that I