Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat: First Look At The R-Rated and Bloody Reboot, New Details Revealed, Fatalities Confirmed

Mortal Kombat Director Simon McQuoid Sits Down With Entertainment Weekly To Reveal New Details About The Upcoming Reboot Whether or not

Captain America

Captain America: Chris Evans Responds To The News of His Return to the MCU

Chris Evans Officially Responds In Regards To His Return To The Role of Captain America Earlier today we reported from

Chris Evans

BREAKING: Chris Evans Nearing Deal To Reprise His Role As Captain America

MCU star Chris Evans is in talks to reprise his role as Steve Rogers aka Captain America in the MCU

Locked Down

Locked Down Review: A Heist Comedy That Will Shake Up Your Quarantine

When the walls close in on you and fate presents a way out — do you take it? Director Doug


Morbius: Sony Pictures Delays the Film 9 Months

Covid_19 strikes again as Sony Pictures Delays Morbius Once Again We’ve only experienced 2021 for about two weeks and we


Deadpool 3: Kevin Feige Confirms It Will Take Place In The MCU and Will Be R-Rated

The Confirmation We All Wanted and Needed Is Here! Deadpool Is Officially Part of the MCU and Will Keep His

Regina King

One Night In Miami Review: Regina King Crafts a Timely Period Piece With Such Artistry and Intricacy In Her Directorial Debut

One Night In Miami is enlightening and charming as its principal figures, Regina King crafts a timely period piece with

Pieces Of A Woman

Pieces Of A Woman: Separates Itself From Traditional Character Norms To Encapsulate The Feeling of Crippling Emotional Distress (Review)

Heavy viewing, yet profound in its depictions of extreme grief. Though Pieces Of A Woman gradually loses its steam, Kornél