Kemono Jihen Episode 6 Review: Shiki Is The Star of The Show

Watch Shiki Shine in Kemono Jihen Episode 6

This is a pretty heavy Shiki episode and it was gladly welcomed! It was easy to see that Shiki was covering up some sort of insecurity through his bolstering. In this episode, we get a look at Shiki at his most vulnerable so far and get a glimpse at his history. Mihai, the vampire that lives in the room that Inugami told them to never go in, tricks the boys into going on a dangerous mission.

Mihai, while never letting the kids die, gets a little too close to that for comfort. Mihai will definitely be a force to watch, considering he simply wants to be entertained. Although his involvement was important to help the kids grow, they need to be challenged to grow stronger. In this episode, the kids have to face their strongest opponent yet, a ruthless mosquito kemeno. 

Kemono Jihen

Usually, Shiki is calm and level-headed when coming up and executing plans but he is so frightened by the kemeno that he becomes unable to move. Here is when the audience and Mihai realize that Shiki has gone through some sort of trauma. Shiki never vocalizes his true feelings, mostly a result of whatever trauma that he experienced. There was also no one willing to push him to overcome his trauma, which is what he begins to do in this episode. 

The fight scene was exciting and suspenseful and the episode balanced action and dialogue well. We also see Kabane grow a bit stronger by embracing his kemeno strength and getting a bit of a power-up. The mosquito kemeno was definitely terrifying, the character design is great at making characters feel sinister. 

Kemono Jihen

The episode ends with them winning of course but once again ends with Kon. Kon was so cute in this episode! She is so sweet and you can tell she’s not evil despite working for Inari. It was so sad when Kabane told her that he forgot about her. But it was also a chance for Kabane to express more emotions that he never did previously. The two are so clueless that watching them interact was a delight. 

Kemono Jihen

This was another great episode as they ramp up the action even more, especially with the introduction of another kitsune, Nobimaru. The episode ends with the audience wondering if Nobimaru is a friend or foe.

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