Attack on Titan Episode 65 ‘The War Hammer Titan’ (Review)

Eren Jaeger Becomes Exactly What He Swore To Fight Against In Attack on Titan’s Latest Episode

After Willy Tybur declares war on Paradis Island and Eren Jaeger. Eren commences his attack on Marley killing hundreds and in the process coming face to face with Lara Tybur, the War Hammer Titan. Eren Jaeger has now become everything he spent most of his life fighting against and although for all the right reasons, Eren leaves hundreds of lifeless bodies in his wake and starts the cycle anew.

Attack on Titan

Those who read the manga know what’s to come next week and the events that follow that. This week’s episode finally saw the anime debut of The War Hammer Titan who has shown how much of a formidable foe she can be. By using the Titan’s hardening technique, the War Hammer can create weapons at will to use against her foe, and Eren, now in his Titan form catches everything the War Hammer Titan throws his way.

We see a real dark morality shift in Eren’s character as he seems dismissive of the havoc he has caused and the lives he’s now taken, including those of his own kind, the Eldians of Marley. Despite the casualties suffered by Marley, they manage to get their Titans on the battlefield in an attempt to stop Eren from eating the War Hammer Titan which was his main goal in this whole ordeal, outside of laying down a preemptive attack on Marley before they made their way to Paradis Island to start the war.

Something we learn in this episode that was not included in last week’s episode was the revelation that Willy Tybur was planning this whole event with Captain Magath the entire time. Willy knew that Marley had been infiltrated but could not pinpoint who was cooperating with the Eldians from Paradis Island.

Attack on Titan

Other than revealing the truth to all the nations, Tybur wanted to show the world how much of a threat the Eldians on Paradis Island were by sacrificing himself. More specifically how much of a threat Eren Jaeger is to all of humanity despite their race/ethnicity; as Eren is now in possession of the Founding Titan and by having Eren eat him while the nations watched in awe it would cement the claims and lies embedded in the minds of the outside nations.

We also get our first official look at the Scouts in action in this episode with the Ackermans making landmark entrances and saving Eren’s ass as per usual. We also get a dark turn for Sasha Blause as she kills two Marlayans in front of Gabi. In all reality, it’s a dark turn for everyone as they have all become everything they have literally trained and fought against inside the walls of Paradis Island. It’s amazing to see how easily the scales of morality tipped this season and even though it teeters back and forth throughout the episode, it’s all to support Eren’s goal and plan.

Other than the immense battle between Eren and the War Hammer Titan, seeing Galliard’s frantic fear and reaction to not only Levi but the rest of the Scouts trying to kill him was an epic and historical moment for Attack on Titan as a series entirely. Mostly due to Galliard believing that the Scouts wouldn’t kill him because he is also a Titan. In the process, Galliard sees the shocking truth that maybe the Eldians aren’t ready the devils they were taught to be.

Attack on Titan

While this episode ends on a cliffhanger, I’ve spent my hours after watching this very episode reading the manga and although I am not fully caught up with the manga itself, I have read what’s to come down the line, and later this season and we are in for a truly epic series finale and one that I feel will further cement Attack on Titan as one of the best anime/manga series in the past decade.

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