what are portals spiritually

They hold together the third- and fourth-dimensional planes that connect to form the doors to other dimensions or realms. Maybe when you went through one of these energy portals you were not spiritually awake. Many of the images do not linger but a few images tell a story. Depending on a person's lifestyle or state of mind, they may exist in both the Earthen and Spiritual Realms simultaneously. Mirrors may be seen as portals or gateways because they reflect possibilties. How so do they inform and reflect? Many people gravitate toward spirituality to seek religious-like understandings without the ideological constraints of institutional religion. To tap into your Higher Self, which is Pure Consciousness imbued with the power of Love and Compassion. If you are curious about it, read our article about the subject. From birth, every person lives with one of the nine Spiritual Portals active. When the energy burrows itself down into the Earth, it creates a negative portal. Some portals align to other star systems and it is not difficult to access them when you are in one of these. There are great portals of energy and these have been known to mankind forever. link to video : https://youtu.be/cIgP0ae2CIY. If you have ever had this experience it is probably because your body and soul were aware of these, The Universe is full of mysteries and a large portion of people believe, We can also refer to these energy portals on Earth, The electric vortices are composed of masculine energy and stimulate the consciousness through the donation of emotional and physical load. Thoughts and old questions come to mind, and as if in magic, they are solved. Scholars classify some of them as Earth chakras or the specific countries in which they are found, but there is no general consensus. Don't know how you do the voodoo that you do. Here, we discuss such things as personal transformation, the meaning of life, death, and moments of clarity. When the time is right and you can honor it, the energy portals will call you. It's less a place and more a feeling of comfort and joy. The Earthen Realm encompasses Earth and the doorways to the other realms. Mouravieff’s description of the “Fall” of the Adamic race also follows the same lines as the description given to us from the C’s where we see that this is a symbolic version of the “Fall” of our consciousness unit. These groups are called the nine Soultypes, and are numbered to identify … It seems there are possibly 3 billion organic portals sharing the planet, that is, one out of two people on the planet may be effectively soul-less. A Spiritual Portal is just a fancy way of saying a practice that Raises your Level of Consciousness and Vibration. Portals supposedly offer gateways to realms outside of this dimension and can be discovered naturally or opened through the performance of rituals. Every particle, every matter, every being on the surface of our planet is made of energy. Join us in finding our place in the universe. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Scriptures:- Mathew16:18 “and I also say unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build What are spiritual portals and why its important. On the other hand, magnetic vortices carry feminine energy, increasing the psychic and subconscious perception. There are crystals within the Earth that are aligned with our Solar System and our Galaxy and the Cosmos as a whole. The type of energy flowing from the vortex and its direction influences the kind of portal created. The spiritual images flash into your mind . And so, some time later, one day you wake up differently and realize that your visit to that place affected your own energy field and increased your awareness. The vortices that are electromagnetic combine both energies and provide balance. Keep repeating the phrase until the spot of color begins to get larger and larger, forming a portal to the other realm. These places hold active and infinite energy that impact the people who come to them, whether literally speaking as when you visit those places on a trip for example or when your soul visits them during their dreams. Focus provides a quicker way to summon a gateway to a chosen realm, though it also involves repetition and concentration on a colored orb. Skipping these prayers can leave you susceptible to unknown entities, who might hitch a ride on you or slip through the portal into the Earthen Realm. Energy portals: discover the gates for raising awareness - WeMystic, Have you ever had the feeling that a place has changed you? Or, this impact can take years to come. A portal acts as an entryway to another dimension. There is no single, widely-agreed definition of spirituality. Energy portals are special points where the energy circulates spirally, clockwise or counterclockwise. Portals provide access to three different types of realms: Earthen, Astral, and Spiritual. It exudes ethereal energies and possesses the most power and possibility of the three realms. This can assist in the healing of a person, but anyone unprepared to deal with the heavier feeling of this portal may react in a volatile manner. Energy vortexes are places on Earth with odd temperatures, different colors, or other noticeable variations from the areas around them. Or, this impact can take years to come. Every human passes through the Spiritual Realm on their way to the afterlife. For better assimilation, imagine the chakras or acupuncture points in the human body. The closing prayers involve giving thanks for receiving each of the above things. Maybe when you went through one of these energy portals you were not spiritually awake. Just because you can do it, though, does not mean you should. Traveling to the Spiritual or Astral realms happens through the techniques of Invocation or Focus. The Astral Realm, or the heavens, provides a home to the immortals. While relaxing and focusing on a spot of your chosen color, speak or think the words that denote your intentions. Mirrors are holders of recognition. You are in one of these places and instantly feels different. Press J to jump to the feed. On the other hand, magnetic vortices carry feminine energy, increasing the psychic and subconscious perception. Trust your heart and what you think is good for your awakening. The Mayans Pyramids at Palenque are linked to the Central Sun Alcyone; At Coba to the Pleadian Star System on many different dimensional levels and also a star map of this Galaxy; The pyramid in Lake Coothraba in Queensland is a doorway to Andromeda; The Giza Pyramids are linked to Orion and Sirius; The Nasca Lines open the way to many different Star Systems; At Kuringal Chase National Park, Sydney to Ophiuchus; At Serpentine National Park, Western Australia to the Southern Cross. Sometimes the impact is immediate. Several rituals exist to teach risk-takers how to open a portal to another dimension. You do not need to travel to one or all of them. The prayer should include a request for assistance with your travel through the portal, protection from harm, and help to find what you seek. Have you ever had the feeling that a place has changed you? . And so, some time later, one day you wake up differently and realize that your visit to that place But /r/Spirituality is open to everyone, religious and non-religious alike. It can be during a trip when visiting a sacred site or even in your city.

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