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The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 6 – “Tribe” Review

The Bad Batch are bringing back hope to the universe with this episode!

Welcome back to the Nerdy Basement…OH MAN, WHAT A HUGE EPISODE!!!! Sorry sorry didn’t mean to yell lol. But this episode was such a relief for Clone War fans like myself. And it was such a lovely surprise, the team is going bout business as usual then out of nowhere The Bad Batch save a JEDI!; thanks to the nosey innocence of our child member Omega. She heard enough of a commotion to investigate some very bad circumstances.

The droids who were their benefactors for this mission had captured none other than the Wookie padawan learner Gungi. OMG GUNGI lives! It truly is a relief for us fans of the series. We never see his whereabouts during Order 66. And he quickly became a fan favorite of the show especially being one of the only Wookie Jedi around. And if you want to see those episodes here are the titles he makes an appearance in below.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

  • “The Gathering” (First appearance)
  • “A Test of Strength”
  • “Bound for Rescue”
  • “A Necessary Bond”
  • “The Wrong Jedi”
  • “Destiny” (Appears in vision)
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With some quick thinking and some major skill, the Bad Batch easily destroys the droids holding Gungi captive and gets him aboard the ship. Gungi was obviously hesitant in trusting the group because you know… but luckily Omega vouched for them. We learn ever since Order 66 Gyngi has been on the run and then was captured by the droids. He’s been making his way to Kashyyyk, the Wookie’s home planet where he thinks he will be safe. The issue is Echo knows there will be more than likely be Empirical Troops stationed there already but unfortunately as a Jedi nowhere will be safe.

As they arrive at the Wookie planet we can already see that it has been ravaged by the Empire and some dastardly Trandoshans. If you don’t recall the species it’s the same as Cid from the bar. But I rather not rope her into this lot; these few are just like the poachers who captured Ahsoka and Chewbacca back during the Clone Wars. The Trandoshans are up to no good working with the Empire to hunt the Wookie’s and destroy the beautiful forests.

The Bad Batch-S2E6-The Nerdy Basement

After a quick skirmish with some passing Trandoshan group the Bad Batch rescue another captured Wookie with Gungi showing off his lightsaber skills. And moments later we meet Yanna leader of the remaining Wookie tribe who have been tirelessly holding back the current onslaught. The group tells them of Gungi’s predicament and she gladly accepts him into their Tribe. And not long after the team offers to help them fight off this current threat before they make their way off the world.

The episode pretty much goes the way you expect. Some funny moments between Wrecker and fellow Wookies. Planning the attack with some great fight scenes of course and finishing off with some heartfelt moments. It was great to see Omega interact with someone close to her age definitely, the highlight of the episode was also hoping this could have hinted toward some force-awakening theories about Omega since now is the first time she’s actually seen a Jedi in action.

The Bad Batch-S2E6-The Nerdy Basement

All in all the episode was good I just felt they rushed it a bit. Especially with it including a lost Jedi Padawan, a Wookie no less. Not to say it wasn’t great to see Gungi but the episode made it seem he isn’t as important as he should have been. At least in my opinion, I give this episode a 3.5 out of 5 just because I feel like this could have been a 2-part but with some luck, I’m hoping to see some more of Gungi in future seasons.

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