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Celebrate Black History Month with TOKYOPOP’s new NOIR CAESAR Manga-Inspired Graphic Novels

Gritty redemption saga ARMS OF THE DRAGON and sci-fi mecha action series ORDINAL TEMPEST are the latest titles in the TOKYOPOP X NOIR CAESAR publishing partnership. Announced earlier this week, TOKYOPOP and Noir Caeser Entertainment, a black-owned indie creative company that supports and nourishes content from marginalized communities across various media revealed a pair of upcoming manga-inspired graphic novels set to release this month, just in type to celebrate Black History Month alongside Black creatives and voices.

The first of the two titles is ARMS OF THE DRAGON, a tale of redemption and revenge of two brothers. Flaunting an art style that is heavily reminiscent of The Boondocks with hints of Afro Samurai. Those looking for the style and action of both series can find that right here. For our mecha fans, this exciting release will be followed by the mecha-driven sci-fi action series ORDINAL TEMPEST launching in late February; perfect for fans of Neon Genesis Evangelion. More details on both of these titles can be found below.

Noir Caesar Entertainment is a growing indie creative company that supports and nourishes art from marginalized communities in various media, including animation, film, TV, and comics. The brand is one of the fastest-growing entertainment and publishing companies in the US, driven by diverse and brilliant creative talents spanning from top-notch 2D animation partner studios to exceptional writers, artists, illustrators, producers, and division heads, on top of a committed crew of sales and client management professionals. More information at

TokyoPop x Noir Caeser Arms of the Dragon The Nerdy Basement

Not everyone chooses the streets. Sometimes, when everything is taken away, it’s all that’s left. The slums of Shindjin have long since been the champion of poverty. Violence and extortion are commonplace, where one’s fate can literally be determined by a roll of the dice. A place where the fallout of these actions fall onto the shoulders of children. Shou and Jun are two such children, torn from the comfort of the lives they knew and thrust into an environment where organized crime is law. With nowhere to turn, they’re forced to become the very thing that ruined their lives.

ARMS OF THE DRAGON, Vol. 1, created by Marcus Kwabena and John Lawrence, written by John Lawrence, art by Chris Kady ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 236 pages ∙
ISBN: 978-1427873309 ∙ For Teen Readers ∙ Available Now!

TokyoPop x Noir Caesar Ordinal Temptest The Nerdy Basement

Humanity has discovered that it is not alone.
An anomaly once believed to be the key to understanding the secrets of the universe has instead become the catalyst for a conflict with creatures known as the Strata. It’s a conflict that threatens the existence of all life in the Universe. Piloting a towering biomechanical Symbiote known as an Intrepid, Fiora arrives on the front lines of the war against the Strata. Hoping to turn the tide and extinguish the seemingly unstoppable blight on humanity, Fiora soon learns that a war is being waged within her as well.

ORDINAL TEMPEST, Vol. 1, created by Marcus Kwabena, John Lawrence, and Chris Krady, written by John Lawrence, art by Chris Krady ∙ Print SRP: $13.99 ∙ 178 pages ∙ ISBN: 9781427873279 ∙ For Teen Readers ∙ Available February 27th.

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