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The Bad Batch is back and it’s like they never left us! Some Spoilers!

STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH, Season 2 - The Nerdy Basement

Hello, my Nerdy Basement family, and welcome back to the basement. If you like me then you’ve been waiting for the Bad Batch to return, and boy did they return! Just this past January 4, 2023, we were finally given the resurgence of our rogue clones with a 2-part premiere. (Thank you Dave Filoni) “Spoils of War” and “Ruins of War” timelines hit only months after the season 1 finale on Kamino. This sets the pacing so well not to feel as if we missed out on too many cooky adventures. Besides some updates to their combat suits, the team is acclimating well to their new role as a mercenary team.

The episode seamlessly begins with the team trying to complete a mission for Cid (Voiced by Rhea Perlman) and as expected some shenanigans are afoot as they are chased by a large number of crabs. With the mission making its way back to the bar Cid operates we get a brief cameo from one named Phee Genoa, and if you recognize her voice it’s because it’s the one and only Wanda Sykes. Now as I said the cameo is brief but I’m sure we will be seeing her again later in the season.

Now, this is where we are placed into the major plot for the remainder of this premiere. The Bad Batch is commissioned to steal some of a war chest already being ransacked by the Empire. And not just any war chest, but Count Dooku’s riches he amassed on his home planet. This, of course, doesn’t fly with Hunter he knows this can bring even more issues for the group while they’ve successfully navigated around the attention of the empire and are presumed dead.

Cid hears this and instinctively goes to the rest of the group to outvote him haha. The rest of the Bad Batch feels it’s a worthwhile risk to obtain some of the loot to help settle them up for some easier times and safety for Omega. Reluctantly he agrees and off we go to Serenno. We are now back at the castle that had played a huge role throughout the Clone War saga hosting action scenes with the likes of Ventress, and Savage Opress; epic scenes (It’s great going down memory lane).

STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH, Season 2 - The Nerdy Basement

Back to the mission, the cargos are pretty much loaded and the Bad Batch is grabbing what they can in the short window they have. Expectedly the plan isn’t going off without a hitch. The team is forced to separate by the troopers on guard attempt to apprehend them. The team does what they do best adapting to their situation and making sure they can all get out alive.

Already an incredible start to the season. It gives you everything that made the series a success right away. Loving the character development they have shown thus far. Echo is most likely my favorite right now since his mindset on the reach of the Empire shows he may be the link that gets the team much more involved in the future rebellion.

Hunter and Wrecker showing that the duo can outmatch any number of adversaries was an amazing watch. Omega outright is growing, she still is learning but her role on the team is showing much more trust and skill. Tech certainly has grown a parental side with his relationship with Omega while still being Tech. He was the highlight of the episodes fighting at the risk of his own well-being to make sure Echo and Tech were safe. We’re also seeing pieces thrown in for the Bad Batch to eventually help them realize the Empire must be stopped.

Again loving this start of the season, so much anticipation and excitement for the crew’s new storyline. And I For one can’t wait to see it!

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