The Bad Batch-S2E5-The Nerdy Basement

The Bad Batch Season 2, Episode 5 – “Entombed” Review

The Bad Batch does their best Indiana Jones impression in this episode.

Welcome back my nerdy friends, Spoilers ahead! With 5 episodes in we continue the trend of side quests with the full cast of the Bad Batch going treasure hunting! Omega and Wrecker upon scavenging for replacement parts found a very old compass with coordinates to potentially some treasure. We’re again joined by Wanda Sykes’s character pirate Phee Genoa offers her assistance to be a guide for the newbie treasure hunters.  As I said in earlier reviews she was definitely making a return to the series. Especially since treasure hunting is her profession.

Omega primarily being the starry-eyed child for adventure pleads with Hunter to join Phee on a trip to the coordinates to hopefully find something of worth. Tech instinctively chimes in that their luck with treasure has a way of turning on them. But who could say no to that cute face huh lol?  The pirate woos the bad batch’s youngest member with stories of her exploits; as the team is still skeptical of all her tall tales. It’s not long after this that we see some of her expertise in action. 

The Bad Batch-S2E5-The Nerdy Basement

Arriving at an abandoned planet due to it being barren. The crew sets out to the coordinates the compass pointed to. It’s pure nostalgic Indiana Jones or National Treasure if that’s your fancy of an episode. The moment they enter the secret entrance you would assume by the look of it’s Jedi ruins but it is actually much older. It’s a mystery we can only speculate on. Becasue that speculation ends quickly enough after the team sets off a trap that nearly squashed Wrecker.   

Beyond booby traps a lone monsterish creature lurks in the caves the Bad Batch traverse in search for their treasures. And Phee has her theory of the treasure at hand; the mysterious Heart of the Mountain. A priceless artifact that is sure to be the score of the century for them, but the goal does not come easy. Like all good hunts theres twists and turns. More secret passages and fall away floors to get passed. Like i said its a fun treasure hunt.

As the group gets closer to their prize and gain The Heart of The Mountain (the design reminded me of the stones in the 5th element look it up), things take a turn for the worse. They seemed to activate a machine capable of incredible destructive power. Now the design of machine reminded me of the Pokemon Arceus (look it up), but it was cool nonetheless. And its cannon blast was also very similar. The blast was reminiscent of the Death Star planet destroying beam.

The Bad Batch-S2E5-The Nerdy Basement

One can only guess this could have been part of the blueprint for the dasterdley weapon to begin with, and the Bad Batch though destroying it. Unknowingly helped the Empire obtain it. Hunter ominously says he’s thankful they were able to destroy it before anyone else could use it and that only makes you shutter in thinking they really didnt. But im guessing we will only know for sure in later episodes.

Overall this was another Fun episode, this up’d the pace for me from the previous episode epsecially since the full cast was present. Adding even more universe lore to the series it was fun to speculate the items they found along the way and potential plot threads they could build upon. Remember for fans like myself we love finding those connective pieces to the future story lines of the original 3 films. Giving this episode a 4 out 5 stars what did you all think of this episode?

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