shaw direct receiver refresh

If refreshing your receiver did not resolve the issue, please reset your receiver by referring to this section. Generally, these batteries have a life-span of 5-8 years. If you have a unit ID on your SYSTEM STATUS that does not start with 000-0 followed by other numbers, your Unit ID may be corrupted. Enter your location for accurate product availability. How to refresh your receiver. Select "Manage TV" from the left side of the page. If your receiver has good signal strength and is getting an error message when tuning to a channel in your package, you may be experiencing an authorization issue. While the receiver is plugged in to a consistent power source, the authorization numbers may be maintained even after the battery expires, but if the power supply gets interrupted, this can cause the unit ID to become corrupt. Please contact us for further assistance. Press 1 to indicate you have an active account. Select whether you are calling from the phone number listed on your account or not. Check if the channel is part of your current package. Note: Rebooting your satellite receiver may cause a loss of your Guide data for up to an hour. Ensure your Ecb/no is above 6.5 on the problematic channel. When that battery expires, the Unit ID gets reset into an addressable number that doesn't fall into any current unit ID ranges. Press 1 to confirm. Sign in using your Shaw ID and password. If you are getting "Not Subscribed" message on multiple channels, please. How to adjust or cancel your Seasonal Break, Troubleshooting tips for intermittent signal, Troubleshooting guide to missing channels, How to install your dish video tutorial and manual. Locate the "Refresh TV Receiver" box on the screen and click the "Refresh Receiver" button. Press 1 to select "Product and technical support/Activate a receiver." Statement from Shaw Direct regarding COVID-19, December 31 | BBC Canada cease broadcasting, Understanding fees on your Shaw Direct bill, How to access additional services with your Shaw ID, My channel line-up type and channel listing, Enter your location for accurate product availability. Press 1 to select "Product and technical support/Activate a receiver.". Use these tips to troubleshoot authorization issues with your satellite receiver. Wait up to 10 minutes for your channels to refresh. To the far right under Help & Support, click Refresh. Troubleshooting tips for intermittent satellite signal Via our phone line using self-serve options: Press 1 for Shaw Direct Satellite Services. Don't have My Shaw Direct, yet? Click here to login to My Shaw Direct. Press 1 for Shaw Direct Satellite Services. If your Shaw Direct services were turned back on and you see one of these messages, “Your authorization has expired” or “A subscription is required” on your TV screen, you will need to refresh your receiver. On your Shaw Direct remote, press the buttons OPTIONS-4-7. Press 3 to select to refresh your receiver. This is why often times, when a receiver has a corrupt unit ID, it comes directly after a power outage or the receiver has been unplugged. If you still see an error message, please contact us for further troubleshooting. My channel line-up type and channel listing (Classic and Advanced).

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