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In Norway, Elias is ranked 13th. In an interview with ‘Today’s Parent’ she gave an outline of what was expected for 2016 (the results, bizarrely, are only published later this year). It is quite popular in Ireland, Scotland and England. Caroline is a perennial classic European name. In North America, it’s slowly climbing the charts – up 17 spots from the previous year, according to BabyCenter. To return to the subject, tradition still rules the roost in Catholic Portugal with Maria number one for the girls’ and João number one for the boys’. Carson – This name is of Scottish origin and means “son of the marsh-dwellers“. Kayson – This is a newer American name that doesn’t have a specific meaning or origin. function loadFc(){ Elias might be of particular interest for bookworm parents. Sebastian – With Greek origins, this name means “majestic“. Rhydian – This boy name is of Welsh origin. Clare, a variation of the common name Clara, is popular in Italy. Lotte sound so classy and chic. Reese, Reece, and Rhys, all mean the same, but we particularly like Welsh spelling Rhys the most. Hayes – This name is derived from the Irish, English, and Scottish region. Right now, it is making a comeback among hipster parents. There may be something that hasn’t quite made its way across the ocean yet. Samantha is the female version of Samuel. Lincoln – This boy name is somewhat unique as it’s heard less and less often. isInVpt=function(t){if(!t)return;var n=t.getBoundingClientRect();return 2222>n.top||-2222>n.top}; Lawson – This is a name of English origin that means “son of Lawrence”. Laia The meaning is “immortal”, as this name is the Welsh form of the Greek name Ambrose. But do you even know who Ing was? Zlata The name came into the spotlight via the 2007 Disney film ‘Ratatouille’. It has already made a place in the top 100 names list. “In the Winton Domesday, there are a number of people with either just the name Bollock or with ‘bollock’ in their surname. This classic Spanish name made a smooth transition to this culture and currently ranks 157. 60 Exotic Baby Boy Names with their Meanings. And in Spain, Mateo spelled with one T sits comfortably in 9th spot. Portuguese names have a distinct rhythm that makes it sound so beautiful. Hip and energetic, Felix hits all the right notes for parents looking for European-inspired names not commonly heard on playgrounds around North America. Blaise may sound contemporary, but is actually the name of an ancient Christian martyr. Nameberry places Alejandro at the 181st spot on its popularity charts, but don’t let that ranking fool you. And it just might be the perfect name for your little jet-setter. Ezra – Ezra is of Hebrew origin and means “help“. Blaise is a lovely name that was once the name of a Christian martyr in ancient times. 20 European Boys Names Crossing The Pond This year, Weaning Your Baby Is An Emotional Time For Moms: How To Take Care Of Yourself, What You Need To Know About Piercing A Newborn's Ears, Struggling In Silence: The 5 Things Moms Keep To Themselves, Mom Swears McDonald's Toy Predicted The Birth Of Her Rainbow Baby, 15 Things Babies Do While Breastfeeding That Come As A Complete Surprise, Nicki Minaj Reminisces On Pregnancy By Sharing Never-Seen Baby Bump Photos, When Babies Make A Random Choice, It Becomes Their Primary Preference, TikTok Star Addison Rae Puts Rumors Of Pregnancy To Rest, Online Quizzes That Can Help Measure Your Baby Or Toddler's Development, Cameron Diaz Talks Becoming A Mom In Her 40s, New Mom Billie Lourd Shares 1 Month Postpartum Update, Ashlee Simpson Delivers Baby Boy Just Before Halloween. The name actually means holding fast, and it is rarely heard today. However, I think that changes were already happening before the Norman conquest.”. The origin is English and the name means “town by the pool”. Javier was ranked 236th in North American on Nameberry for 2017, but don’t discount Javier based solely on those numbers. The development of by-names, both as nicknames or relationship names, including parental patronyms and matronyms, starts to come in around the 10th century.”. One of the most notable bearers of this name is Stella McCartney, the renowned designer. Luis, meaning ‘famous warrior’ will make a decent name for your son. Isak is the Russian variant of name Isaac. It is a unisex name, with an unknown origin and meaning. There’s something soft and captivating about this beautiful French boy’s name that literally means “downy” and “youthful.” It also likely brings to mind science fiction author Jules Verne. Zsofia, Turkey Louis Dr Chetwood explained more in our podcast interview: “The process of creating patronymic names – or by-names that refer to another member of the family such as ‘Johnson’ – is a later phenomenon. We think it would be a strong, unusual name choice for a baby boy. The meaning of the name is unknown. This European baby name can be used for boys or girls. Aleric – This Germanic unique baby boy name means “noble ruler”. Besides, it sounds great, doesn’t it? Tobias – This boy’s name is of Hebrew and Greek origin. Sixty-seven saints and four popes have Felix as their given name. Hiranur Daniel The name Giotto has a creative legacy. Artem Maximilian is the most popular German name of more than five letters, though it can contracted to Max for informal occasions. Check out this NEW + affordable childbirth course. Surnames as first names have long been a popular choice among parents of baby boys, and we think it’s about time that cool, distinguished and oh-so-Irish “Roark” got some attention in North America. People began choosing these names and stepped out of family names. After hovering and fluctuating around the latter half of the Top 50 for 20 years, Henrik is now at its highest point since the World War 2. And according to BabyCenter, Jasper is up 13 spots from the previous year, so nab this cool boy’s name now before it hits the charts in North America. So these were the top 100 European baby names and meanings from us. Phillipe, pronounced as fill-eep, was the name of one of the 12 apostles. Cillian has some work to do cracking the popularity lists in North America, where it’s currently ranked 217th on Nameberry. And it’s a fresh change from the commonplace Diana. Arlo – The origin of this unique name is unclear, although it is thought to be derived from the Anglo-Saxon meaning “fortified hill”. This European name means the lord is gracious and was quite popular in Wales during the 19th century. The meaning of Illona is ‘torch of light’. Ronan – A very old Irish name that means “little seal”. Enzo is such an adorable name. The name is steeped in glamor and class. One impact of this is that people increasingly start to choose the same names for their children, to an almost extreme extent. Our favorite is Sarah, which means princess. In Greek, baptist meant dip. Distinguished and confident, Fabian is an old name with a long history. Giuia It was famously the name of the wife of Odysseus in Homer’s epic poems. The name actually means my father is joyful. Originally a shortened version of Lorenzo and Vincenzo, Enzo is the Italian variation of Henry, which means “estate ruler.”. This cute Italian name is said to mean rest. The meaning of Rhys is ‘ardor’. Rocco is a favorite with the hipster parents. David, Alexandre What unique boy name was your favorite? Joao Maxim Currently ranked 209th in the U.S., Jasper is considerably more popular in England, where it’s 98th in popularity, and Austria, where it’s 81st. Some of them are a bit rude. That speaks enough about its popularity. Like in the UK, German girls’ names are getting shorter: Mia, Emma and Hannah are tops. If you love the effortless cool of the name Leo, but don’t love its popularity, consider this equally awesome and less-ubiquitous alternative: Leon – literally the Greek version of Leo. Alejandro is a Spanish version of Alexander. Audrey is a European name that means noble strength. Sophia Need to learn how to breastfeed? And the fact that Henry is very common has increased Henrik’s popularity substantially. Or maybe you want your child to stand out from the get-go, and are looking for a first name that’s totally off the charts in North America, but one that’s still not so quirky that people will roll their eyes when they hear it. Madelyn or Madeline is an all-time favorite baby girl’s name with the French people. In the past, there would have been much more of a taboo about blasphemy. As such, it also means bearer of Christ. George This name originally meant white, and it can also be spelled as Alben. Cyrilo is a Portuguese version of the name Cyrillus, meaning ‘lordly’. Alessandro The German language can be rough to the ears, but its names are very pleasing. Literary? Adriana is a name that comes from the Netherlands. The name Davide is a classic in Italy with many parents going for it. Esmeralda means Emerald in Spanish. The servant with this name was one of the most important servants in the noble houses. It originally became common after the production of Camille. Perhaps you prefer a more contemporarily popular North American name but are looking for something unique in a middle name. The meaning of Leon is ‘lion’. The name gives out a fiery feel. Thomas Florian is currently unranked in North America, but it’s sitting steady in 62nd spot in Germany. We love it too. Couples in Europe have already jumped on that bandwagon. Javier, pronounced as hah-vyee-AIR, embodies for many people in the charismatic persona of Javier Bardem, the Spanish-born Oscar-nominated actor. Please choose wisely; ‘baby name regret’ is a terrible condition. This is perhaps one of the reasons why people had a wide variety of [unique] first names, because you didn’t need to have a surname. It means ‘hollow.’, Michalina is a Polish variation of Michaela. This saucy and fancy name sounds both lively and melodious. How do we get a name to convey that? Logan may have originally been a boys name, but it is also used by girls in more recent years. It’s so popular in France, for example, that it’s cracked the Top 10 list. Europe is an expansive name and has seen a lot happen in its history. Here’s another quintessential European name meaning ‘my father is joyful.’ Abigail, the wife of David, was renowned for her wisdom, beauty, and prophetic powers. The meaning of Mason is “one who works with stone”. It was essentially the Latin form of the name, Eve. Santiago And if unique is what you’re after, Roark is the perfect choice. Bella is the best nickname for this one, remember Isabella Swan from Twilight? Luca is a lively and fashionable name that transcends gender, making it a sweet choice for either a girl or a boy. Eliana means ‘God has answered’. You can even shorten it to Esme. It can also be a unisex name as well. Remy started rising in popularity in 2009. Stefan is an elegant, continental name meaning ‘crown’. This Gaelic name, pronounced KILL-ee-an, means “strife” or “little church”, and likely originated from the Old Irish name Ceallach before eventually evolving to the Cillin, and from there, Cillian - or its anglicized version Killian. This name means little warrior and was the name the French Oscar winner Marion Cottilard gave to her son. Side note – this is the name of one of my favorite Fantasy fiction series and is therefore my favorite unique boy name. Aaron – This is a Hebrew boy’s name that means “exalted“. The name peaked in 1920’s and then declined. Sarah is still a traditional, popular name. It is a popular name in Italy and Spain. In Germany there has been a move away from traditionally teutonic boys’ names such as Wilhelm to shorter, snapper monikers like Ben, Jonas,Leon, Elias and Finn. Matthias – This unique boy’s name has the same meaning as Mateo – “gift of God”. Chiara is such an adorable Italian name. This name has the meaning “advice“. This name is said to mean young warrior. Daxton – Dax is an English surname, but Daxton appears to be a recent name that probably has an American origin and no known meaning. Remi – Remi was originally considered a girls name of French origin meaning “oarsman”, but the movie Ratatouille made it an acceptable boy name as well. Francesco This unusual name comes from Nordic Culture. Giovanni also has plenty of notable namesakes, Giovanni Boccaccio being one of them.

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