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“Hunter walking trails are a fun way to check out new areas and they do provide good hunting,” said Ted Dick, forest game bird coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Fisherman and hunters alike find MHF there one stop shop to find the latest news and information on the hottest trends, fishing and hunting reports, destinations and quality content only found in MHF issues. Males have a concealed neck ‘ruff’. © 2020 Northwind Enterprises| info@mobilehuntingmaps.com | 855-831-6277 | 223 East 3rd St, Glidden, WI 54527 Ruffed grouse are generally found in or near aspen trees. Our maps identify much more than property boundaries. Return Policy Our habitat enhanced maps help you quickly locate areas to hunt because we label the prime habitat for each species. Noted for its muffled drumming sounds during the mating season. Mark and measure the distance from where you plan to part to where you will be hunting. This video shows how we use our mobile maps to locate and scout areas with good concentrations of both marginal and prime grouse habitat. Considered “the king of game birds,” grouse challenge hunters to use all their senses, DNR’s Dick says. The WI Scout-N-Hunt Digital map is terrific, now I see what I’ve been missing. Before you arrive at your hunting destination you can locate and identify the prime habitat on public lands. We bring real-time outdoor news to our readers and viewers through our many digital formats such as this website, social media channels and our bi-weekly e-newsletter. I couldn’t imagine grouse hunting without their maps! According to a recent DNR survey, “The ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) is the most popular game bird in Minnesota, with an annual harvest averaging more than 500,000 birds.” Even in below average years, hunters in other states envy Minnesota’s flush rates. “Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin are the top grouse-hunting states in the lower 48, but Minnesota has more young aspen forest [that grouse prefer] than Wisconsin and Michigan combined,” says Ted Dick, forest game bird coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. The sharptail is a large grouse, that lives in open grassy or brushland areas. Sharp-tailed grouse are a mottled brown and gray. Website by Visionary Design Concepts, Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, Quail, Sharp-Tail, Huns & Chukars hunters, Public lands boundaries: Federal, State, County lands are identified, Several basemaps available including topo and satellite, Note: does not work on Apple Desktop or laptop computers. The woodcock season ends Monday, Nov. 4. Similar to the ruffed grouse, the spruce is darker with a head that’s a mix of red, yellow and white, especially during the spring mating season. Please contact the individual County Forest Administrator for additional information. I’m a ND farm kid that landed in Grand Forks,  right on the MN boarded. During courtship, ruffed grouse display banded fan-shaped tails. Great product, by the way. Hunting regulations, season length and license requirements are available on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website at dnr.wi.gov. A $300,000 grant from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund to the Minnesota Ruffed Grouse Society will restore approximately 200 trailheads and 80 miles of existing trails, add 20 miles of new trails and update trail maps for land managers and trail users. We preserve cherished hunting traditions by first creating healthy forest habitat for grouse and woodcock. I have used your products for the last couple of years, maps and GPS chips . Jacobson says the two top reasons that Minnesota is so popular with grouse hunters are “more public hunting land available” and “more birds to hunt, even in our down years.”. I didn’t grow up hunting grouse and woodcock,  so wasn’t familiar with best habitat types. Hunting the prime habitat is essential for a successful hunt. Wayne Jacobson, owner of the Sawmill Inn of Grand Rapids, has hosted the National Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock Hunt for more than 30 years. Length: 16 – 19” • Weight: About 1 1/5 lb. We bring up the app and decide what type of cover we want to hunt. Ruffed grouse and American woodcock hunting are at the core of the RGS and AWS identity. Label favorite hunting trails. Our Mobile Hunting Maps work offline with no downloading of additional maps once the entire state wide map is downloaded. They mate in April or May. Hunter walking trails wind through prime grouse habitat throughout central and northern Minnesota, Grouse hunting is a great way to get started hunting, and a great way to spend an afternoon in the woods. “Just last fall, some of our hunters had 20- to 30-a-day bird flushes.”. This map source includes coverage for all 49 ruffed grouse management areas in Minnesota and is based on the official boundaries published by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Can you please send me the information on the tablet that you spoke about to me so I can try to find one here and I can have a dedicated spot just for Scout-N-Hunt. In northern Minnesota, ongoing timber management aids in continued creation of excellent grouse habitat in various stages of growth, which provides hunters with many more options than other states. The only items needed to get started are a shotgun, blaze orange vest and hat and a small game license. Minnesota is home to 17 million acres of forest land and 630 miles of walking trails open to hunters. I hunted in very remote areas of Wisconsin this weekend and it got me on more cover than ever before. Our Mobile Hunting Maps locate and identify, by habitat, the best areas to hunt the animals you want to hunt. 55802, LIVE: This is your local, state and national election results headquarters, Why did this Minnesota couple move to South Dakota? From planning, scouting, and conducting your hunts, we have all your Upland Bird Hunting covered! In winter, they have comb-like fringes on their toes, allowing for easy travel on snow. I heard you the first time you were on Project Upland podcast. Our Mobile Hunting Maps work offline with no downloading of  additional maps once the entire state wide map is downloaded. Minnesota’s fall climate is perfect for grouse hunting—cool temperatures for ruffed grouse, hunters and dogs. Public land boundaries and habitat layers are clearly labeled. Create waypoints or tracks. Photo courtesy of Minnesota DNR . Timber harvest around the trails is the main tool used to create quality grouse and woodcock habitat. Habitat and boundaries are clearly labeled and color-coded. Length: 15 – 20” • Weight: 2 – 3 lb. Just wanted to say thanks for creating this great app. It doesn’t matter what kind of Upland Hunting you are doing, there is a Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Hunting Map that has Grouse, Woodcock, Pheasant, Quail, Sharp-Tail, Huns & Chukars hunters covered. Export locations to Google Maps the navigate to where you plan to hunt. Create hunt projects. You do not need WiFi or  cell service to use our Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Hunting Maps. Source: mndnr.gov, grousehuntHuntingMidwestmidwest huntingMinnesotaminnesota hunting. Privacy Policy Wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed and benefited from the Scout-N-Hunt mapping system. Scout-N-Hunt Mobile Hunting Maps will help you understand which hunting areas will provide  the best hunting  experience before you start your hunt. Nicknamed fool’s hen or fool’s grouse because they aren’t afraid of people. Many hunters concentrate their efforts on young aspen stands with stems about as wide as a broomstick. We no longer have to depend on Google maps, or miles of driving. Review the color-coded labeled habitat features and determine the best hunting strategy for the day’s weather conditions. My dogs and I are grateful. Grouse season is open now and lasts through Jan. 1, 2020. I’ve been using Scout-N-Hunt for a couple of years now. Is there an update I can download? It worked better than I could have hoped for. The DNR and partners developed the system of hunter walking trails beginning in the 1970s. On Saturday, I used the Wisconsin map to find a spot I hadn’t hunted before and almost immediately got into birds. Grouse hunting is a great way to get started hunting, and a great way to spend an afternoon in the woods. Minnesota’s fall climate is perfect for grouse hunting—cool temperatures for ruffed grouse, hunters and dogs. At peak grouse hunting season, temperatures can reach below freezing at night and a pleasant 55 to 60º by midday. My dog and I still have a lot to learn but now I have the confidence that every time I go out that I will be in the areas to have a better chance at being successful. “New hunters can follow these trails and not worry about getting lost or wandering off public land. Ruffed grouse habitats are primarily in the central and northern regions and extend into the southeast along the Mississippi River.

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