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Our Khakis are between 3.5 to 4.5 pounds. Hi! Can u pls provide in kushinagar uttar Pradesh. Please inform me. i need 100 khaki kambal adult me-9153095082. £5 . As you have mentioned “For the first few days keep the temperature between 300°c to 320°c. is it possible to get a phone no of daulat pur govt farm at Khulna ( near bl college) I need 2000 pic khagi camber duck.where i buy.inform me, I am Arup mondal from south Calcutta .I need 200 alabio ducks.. Place help contact me.. On an average, an adult Khaki Campbell duck need about 130 grams food daily. Alam. Sir I am farming khaki Campbell ducks if any one interest in farming duck contact me for it’s eggs or its Chick. hi, i want to know that collect of khaki campbell fooding of market and which is actual food of khaki campbell. SIR AOA I AM REQUIRE KHAKI CANMPBELL DUCK FIFTY MY CONTACT IS 03336092763. I am interested in khaki Campbell duck farming .. so I want to try with minimum no of ducks first .. so I Dont have local market in my place so can you show me the buyers near my place (Nellore, Andhra Pradesh,India). I’m start khali cumpbel duck farming from 08/06/2017. We don’t know any other breeder or farm in the area you have mentioned above. My email id is [email protected]. is there khaki campbell available? Most Campbell’s lay their first eggs between 5 – 7 months outdated and can common 280 eggs per yr (extra within the first 2 years) and, with correct administration, will proceed to put effectively for 4 – 5 years. 8 chicks From a loving family home day old chicks khaki Campbell mallard Aylesbury mix parents can be seen. Sitemap I need 20 nos. They came from Indian Runner and Ruel Kagua. i would like to know whats the issue of me gonna face , like for diseases or anything uncommon. Thank you! Contact Details – Hello, I m Arup from Udaipur ( Tripura) . Which is located at Daulatpur, Khulna (near govt. please reply me thank you my contact number is 09004697896. please let me know sir . Hi i want to ask if i wan to produced eggs i need only females khaki cambell; Nonetheless Tune (the drake) likes to take day by day flights throughout the valley, similar to a ‘correct chicken’. Female (New born) Seller can contact me I’M from Simlapal -722151 I want your phone number … pls provide me the supplier detail in pakistan, better for me is in kpk for easy transportation.My cell no is 0333-3216396. thanking you very much They will naturally return to your home. Vaccinate them timely and always try to take good care of your ducks. I am Sandipan Sinha Roy from Haripal, Hooghly district. i want sell my duck egg I am in Tanzania, Africa and I am looking to buy fertile eggs for hatching Sorry for that! Can I buy 50 khaki ducks female and 5 male.i live in Tacoma Washington. I am looking for 100 Khaki Campbell Ducklings for my farm. Phone no 7679594758. good morning ,,, good farming duck farming. Hope they will be able to help you in this regard. I want to start up a farm can you provide me with 400 hatching eggs? my mobile number is :-9854433744, I If you can’t find duck feed in your area, then you can feed your ducks with regular commercial poultry feeds. I need hatch-able eggs because there is import ban of livestock in my country. I do hope he was not eaten by a predator…..We miss him…we went there every day during the winter to see him and feed him corn but he never eat a lot of it…he was more interested in something in the bottom of the creek…It was a joy to visit him…made our winter go fast…Wish we lived in the country We would get some K C. Ducks…. Obviously you can. 8513936231, I need first 100 khaki campbell….i am from Purba Midnapore, ….if you can supply me plz contact 8536831460, Sir , l am D.k Rowani from Birbhum district ( west bengal). Is there any farm near Kerala where Khaki Campbell is farmed? Stay tuned for the first newsletter in the morning, straight to your inbox. Usually they lay eggs at morning within 9 am. duck breeding farm Khulna, Bangladesh (near BL college main gate). Thank you so much and wait for your reply. Currently we don’t have any breeder or farmer who keep and or breed khaki campbell duck in Tanzania, Quantity : 2000 + 1500 + 1500 Stunning, quality birds, from excellent example parents. They love to live in wet or watery place. My name is Anirban Chakraborty, Kolkata, West Bengal. Ple help me fr making this.I need baby ducklings. Sheep, Bee If not, will you recommend me to some people or institution or hatcheries who can provide me with fertile eggs? Dear Roy farm What will be the price to Tanzania for about 500 -1000 eggs? On an average, a Khaki Campbell duck lay about 280-300 eggs per year. Advertise Although the health of the ducks mostly depends on the proper care and management system. I need khaki Campbell . Probably he had gone away with a female wild or any other duck. You can safely keep ducks and chickens together. Sir, I live in Belda in West Bengal. I want 100 khaki kempbel.add-kalna,w.b-713122. Thank you! +256-758219355. 8820990062 & 9635746925, i need 500 female khakhi cambell duck chick pls provide me. Chicken The ensuing birds had been prolific layers. Please give details from where I can buy this?? They will have a mature weight of around 4-1/2 lbs. we suppliers of duck eggs and ducklinks .call me :08897223016:09000455756, I have two hundred fifty khaki campbel eggs every day at my farm for sell,cal me 7271063442. Sorry! Then reduce the temperature at the rate of 2.80°c weekly, until the temperature reach 24.0°c. I am willing to pay reasonable amount. In this article, I am going to talk about Khaki Campbell Ducks, eggs per year, fly, female, eggs, male or female, etc. We have no idea about your location and not sure whether 17-18 weeks old Khaki Campbell ducks are available in your area or not. age of eggs la.ying, I want buy 10 pcs Female & 2 pcs male khaki cambell Ducks in kolkata, West Bwngal. If not, will you reccommend me to some people or institution or hatcheries who can provide me with fertile eggs? Hi im arun from kerala. West Bengal, Tarakeswar i want to buy it call me or give me your address 01859421522. i need first 100 khaki campbell….i am from berhampore, murshidabad….if you can supply me plz contact 8436362091. But you can contact the following person for ducklings. You can also use a little plastic baby pool or used bathtub for making a swimming place for your ducklings. You must have to maintain the temperature strictly for raising Khaki Campbell ducks. Thanks for your consideration. You can use either soybean meal or whole soybean. How can I get? Hello Dr. Tupas Kumar Ghosh Sir Raising Khaki Campbell ducks is easy and a very profitable business. Ducks are suitable for business purposes, because they lay eggs for 2 to 3 years continuously, while hens lay eggs only for 1.5 to 2 year. Incubation takes roughly 23 to 28 days for a Campbell duckling to hatch and eggs have to be inspected for ducklings that haven’t emerged from their egg utterly.A straightforward method to intercourse your geese as they age is to have a look at the beaks: Females can have darker beaks, whereas the males develop a lighter, olive-toned beak.

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