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Talia gave birth to Damian and kept his existence from Bruce Wayne. Damian felt entitled as he was the “true son” of Bruce Wayne, finding his adopted siblings (Dick, Jason, Cass, and especially Tim) to be “pretenders” to Damian’s rightful position. 5'5" / 1.65 m Age 28 years old. Batman releases all the criminals to a last battle to fight off the Joker's gas, but it was too late. 28 Year Olds. Damian told Tim they we more a like then he realized, and that he saw a similar killer instinct in him when they faced Harvest with the Teen Titans. He eventually joined the Teen Titans. Depending on how he uses the whistle, Goliath can go from a simple towering pet to a ferocious beast who would be willing to die for him. Meanwhile, the Joker had also returned and remained under the custody of the GCPD. Tim and Jason sit down at the table with Damian, and try to help him understand what the mantle of the Robin really means. In the aftermath of the assault on DC and the capture of Mutant Town, the Titans get together for a planning session. But for the sake of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent, they put aside any conflict. Ibn would eventually be driven to murdering his grandfather by cutting off his head. Stuart Allan also returned to voiced Damian Wayne once again. Damian's body acts like a capacitor for Omega energy, this was due to being exposed to Omega energy while he was gestating in the artificial womb. Employer Batman defeats him in combat, leaving him tied up with the words, "You're dead to me.". His weight also makes it much easier for him to be thrown or manipulated physically. any Comic Vine content. Flight: The Bat trio of Batman, Spoiler and smol Robin visit Harley when she is doing clean-up chez April's store. When Bruce grounded Damian from using any of his cars after crashing a, Apparently while Damian was being raised in secret locations, he spent some time on a rural farm and finds doing farm work to be just as good as meditation. Precocious, spoiled, and violent, Damian battles Robin (Tim Drake), whom he wants to replace as his father's sidekick, and sucker punches him off the T-Rex of the Batcave. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Batman and Robin went back home to the cave and talked about what happened out there. Bruce Wayne thought he would go and see his son Damian, but he was away in Downtown Gotham City at the Wayne Complex training in the gym and left a note, and it said, "Father, at the Wayne Complex training at the gym. Techno and Red X meet the Titans proper. During this fight, it is revealed that Damian joined with Superman and killed Dick Grayson, earning Batman's hatred. Some students meet out behind the library and talk about the Winter Crucible, which is not, as one might think, a Jotun invention. For all intents and purposes, Damian was the prince of Assassins. As with the first time he meets anyone, Damian shows animosity towards Cassandra but eventually is able to work with her, as the two prevent Gotham's Kane Memorial Bridge from being destroyed.

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