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Marian College Ararat Victoria The email address for all Brigidine staff is: Fees can be paid directly at the Brigidine office and there is a locked fees box at Reception where students can drop an envelope which holds fees. parents are encouraged not to drop and pick up daughters in bus stops. COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PARENTS AND BRIGIDINE. Otherwise students must pay the fine as directed. The College Uniform Shop is located in the Undercroft area. Methods of payment other than those now customary in contemporary business can be discussed with the Business Manager. Valuables are not to be left in her bag or locker. A parent ‘reads through the lines’ and comes to a conclusion about what is happening. There are ten parish schools in Brigidine’s region which have priority for the enrolment of girls at Brigidine. The child’s personal development is the goal of all good parenting. We are optimistic about being able to hold our Welcome Day event in October where girls starting Year 7 in 2021 enjoy orientation of the College. The fees outlined below have been sourced from Brigidine College for 2020. Year 12 students finish Friday 20 November 2020. The Website. Formal Parent Teacher Interviews. Brigidine excursions are all connected to classroom learning. They are breaking down the barrier of distancing and bringing their music straight to you through their Virtual Concert. All locks used must be school issue and lockers must always be kept locked. 1. If a student is late or is required to leave early, a permission note is required stating clearly the time and reasons. Develop in her familiarity with personal excellence. 17. T +61 2 9988 6200, © Copyright 2020 Brigidine College St Ives. All secular education at Brigidine is derived from New South Wales Board of Studies syllabuses. She should go immediately to the school office to report that she is sick where she will be cared for by the staff. This prestigious public speaking competition has an exceptional calibre of contestants, from a large number of public and private schools across NSW, and we commend Flora for her outstanding achievement. The date and times of these nights will be advertised on the calendar and again in the newsletter. As the date due is stamped at the back of the book, students are reminded to check this and to return or renew books on time. This is a legal requirement. It is a parent’s responsibility to be correctly informed about the school. We appreciate the opportunity to improve, remedy and resolve. YOUR DAUGHTER LOSES HER STUDENT ID CARD Your daughter reports to the school office and collects a “Lost ID Card Form”. The life and work of this group was interrupted in the sixteenth century by the Reformation and on February 1st 1807, “the ancient order of Brigid” was restored by the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Daniel Delany. In regard to issues of Bullying it is important that parents are also modelling peacemaking assertive behaviour to their daughters. Students who have no special needs are generally in groups ranging between 15 and 30. Parents must never drop or pick up students  in Aeolia Street in the morning and afternoon. We promise to walk together in a spirit of reconciliation. No student is permitted to leave Brigidine unless she is first signed-out at the Office. This was the beginning of a group of women religious who named themselves after Brigid. Each girl must be present by 8.30 a.m. at the very latest each morning.The official end of the school day is 3.20pm   Each home room teacher keeps an attendance record and parents will be notified of repeated, unexplained absence from school or from individual classes. 11. 1. WORKING OUT BRIGIDINE Brigidine College is open to feedback, suggestions, complaints and grievances. The very best thing for a child is that her parents can sit together amicably and discuss her welfare with Brigidine staff. YOUR DAUGHTER NEEDS HELP WITH A PERSONAL ISSUE Contact the relevant Year Coordinator. High School Fees Members of the community are encouraged provide such information to the College through the Principal either by mail or email. 2. Phone or email the Principal who will discuss the issues with you, and with you decide on the best course of action at school. These documents hold the policies and procedures that are relevant to a cohort or Stage. 23. Brigidine fees are well publicised. Children who see their parents’ love of learning and see and hear their parents in thought provoking and insightful dialogue will not be surprised by the expectations at Brigidine. Parent Handbook If you visit Brigidine College in Randwick you will meet young women, and the staff who care for them each day, who are generous and open hearted people still living the legacy given to them by Brigid and the Brigidine Sisters. The Brigidine website gives a general overview of the history and present operation of the school. What To do If............. Punctuality 3. This enables parents to check exam times and other crucial times for their daughter at school as they plan family activities. ABN 15 085 694 695, 325 Mona Vale Road, 8. Shaping women of our time. Mobile phones are not to be evident to staff on the school groupnds between 8.30 and 3.30   New South Wales Province: St Ives 2075 New South Wales Flora Tucker – College Captain and Stella Hall – College Vice Captain, Nothing stops our musicians and singers! Parents participate in their daughter’s education firstly by understanding the nature of the kind of education offered at Brigidine and by knowing and supervising the details of their daughter’s involvement. If an appointment has been made during school hours a parent/guardian is required to come to the school office to pick the student up and sign her out. These are available on this website for you to print off at home or they are at the Student Office for your daughter to pick up. Where possible, the School Specials should be the first preference of travel. We are indeed very proud of our daughter and her achievements and commitment to the dance program at Brigidine. . Computers in the library may be used before school, at recess, lunchtime and after school. General enquiries should be directed to the College Office between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Parents are asked to contact the school office to report that their daughter is away ill on any given day by 8.30am. Academic Reports. By 1900, the Congregation had grown and a property in Sydney was necessary as a Provincialite and a novitiate. When it is necessary the amount should be placed in an envelope with the student's name and handed to Brigidine’s Business Manager for safekeeping. YOU ARE VERY ANGRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR DAUGHTER AT BRIGIDINE. Perouse Road atThe Spot is very busy in the mornings and afternoons. 26. Section Three gives more detail about communication. Specialist classes, especially in the senior secondary years can be much smaller. COLLEGE PROFILE AND HISTORY ABN 15 085 694 695, 325 Mona Vale Road, The SCS Office is a part of the mission of the Archdiocese of Sydney and is responsible to the Archbishop for the delivery of both a secular and religious education in Catholic schools. 5.Develop in her the ability to speak about her aspirations and her needs. Term 2 2020 (9 weeks) Monday 20 April 2020 – Friday 19 June 2020. Dr Delany gathered together six women catechists in Tullow, Co. Carlow and these became the first Sisters in the Congregation of St Brigid (Brigidines). Just as Jesus said “I am among you as one who serves” so student leadership at Brigidine requires students in the midst of their peers to be searching for fresh ways to make manifest a culture of care, learning and generosity that was seen first in Brigid’s abbey at Kildare.

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