best muskie fishing in michigan

What works in September rarely works in October—and certainly isn’t going to get it done in November. his top freshwater predator on the "bucket lists" of many fishermen, the muskellunge (Esox masquinongy), also known as muskelunge, muscallonge, milliganong, or maskinonge (and often abbreviated "muskie" or "musky"), is a species of large, relatively uncommon freshwater fish native to North America. March 26, 2018. They can be worked in a wider range of effective retrieve speeds and get closer to the deeper fish. The spring is best for fishing as you can target many species in shallower water. Jigs and soft plastic swimbaits are now one of the hottest fall casting lures. A challenging fish to catch, the muskie has been called "the fish of ten thousand casts". to get your heart racing. Working it much like a bass swim jig is bound to catch coldwater muskies consistently. Casting deep weed edges and bouncing hard-bottom ledges is particularly effective. In fact, hard bottom substrates become the most consistent producer as the calendar creeps toward November and water temperatures dip into the 40s. Contact Us, Magazine The common name comes from the Ojibwa word maashkinoozhe, meaning "ugly pike", by way of French masque allongé (modified from the Ojibwa word by folk etymology), "elongated face." In the Metro, we have a lot of milfoil, that hides most of the shallow rocks present in our lakes. The monster muskies he’s caught in lake St Clair are legendary in fishing circles outside of Michigan, too. Finally, you must gear up both physically and mentally once the calendar creeps toward November. State Guide You are guaranteed to have fun and experience what FISH ON really means! The French common name is masquinongé or maskinongé. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. This may seem like a nuisance, but it can really narrow the search area down this time of year. Muskies will attempt to take their prey head-first, sometimes in a single gulp. You have to mentally and physically prepare yourself for your outings in the fall, including dressing appropriately and being prepared to battle potentially frigid elements any week. Hyperlinking Policy. The fish attain impressive swimming speeds, but are not particularly maneuverable. Captain Matt . The average lure is 7.9–12 in (20–30 cm) long, but longer lures of 14–26 in (36–66 cm) are not uncommon. Musky Fishing 101: Making the Most Out of Your 10,000 Casts. These elusive fish are often at the top of the food chain in their respective body of water. They will take prey items up to 30% of their total length. 35 Pieces of Deer-Hunting Wisdom to Read Before You Hunt This Season. The monster muskies he’s caught in lake St Clair are legendary in fishing circles outside of Michigan, too. Book the one and only Premonition Charters today, with award winning Captain Chuck Smith, for a full service musky fishing experience you won’t forget! This is when steeper breaks and classic, hard, bottom structure really comes into play. Ethel Maskinonge...where does she live? Capt. Board the Premonition, the most sought after muskie fishing charter vessel on Lake St Clair in Michigan. This may sound vague, so I’ll do my best to simplify my approach to find muskies in shallow water. Anglers all over the muskie world are now fishing exclusively with this lure style in the colder water when fish move deeper and become bottom-tight. Ask Premonition Charters Captain Chuck Smith, he’ll guide you on your trips to the best muskie fishing Lake St Clair has to offer. Tip 1 – Weather Conditions. Advertising There is a reason our tagline is Adrenaline Pumping Sport Fishing Adventures! Spaces are filling fast, so click below to find out more and reserve your space today. Personally, I end up relying heavily on deep divers the more the water cools, no matter whether I am trolling or casting. Come fish with us where the next trophy Muskie is waiting for you! The odds of finding a trophy-class fish in any weed bed steadily increase as the mass of weeds depletes. Most of their diets consist of fish, but can also include crayfish, frogs, ducklings, snakes, muskrats, mice, other small mammals, and small birds. Strong troughs from the north in mid- to late October and arctic-like elements in November in northern areas can become a major factor any time you attempt to chase muskies. These are proven techniques that many an angler have tested and tried and have enjoyed an abundance of muskie throughout the fishing season. The location of muskies throughout fall varies greatly depending upon the water temperature, length of day and the body of water. Yet some anglers continue to refer to fall muskie fishing as “one period,” and mistakenly think you can fish for this species the same way from Labor Day until ice-up. FAQs Tactics in the fall depend a lot upon the exact time of the season and the depth muskies are holding at. Both in-line and safety pin-style spinners can be good for September and October muskies, but one absolute key in the presentation with any spinner in the fall is slow.

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