basketball duo nicknames

The left-handed hitting slugger is the current face of the Boston Red Sox franchise and spent many years in a potent lineup with Manny Ramirez. He is a nine-time NBA All-Star, was the NBA scoring champion in 1986 and won two dunk contests (1985, 1990). Still yet another story says he was named "Satchel" simply for the immense size of his feet, looking like two satchel bags on the end of his ankles. There's no inventive story here: "Dr. J" was given to Julius Erving by a high school friend, who watched him play and likened his smoothness with the ball and ability to score like the precision of a doctor performing surgery. White was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2006 and was a 13-time Pro Bowl selection. Make it meaningful and cool. Currently playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, Adam "Pacman" Jones received his nickname as a young child, when it was noted that he could drink his milk as fast as the video game character. Malone was known for his consistency and durability and for teaming up with a sprightly white guy in short shorts all those years as a member of the Utah Jazz. Rodman embraced the nickname and fed off the hype. and the name stuck. He added an "H" to his name later in his career in homage to his Muslim faith. His moniker was also his calling card, but these days, it's just his his curse. Simple, yet accurate, this nickname is solid and turned a superb athlete with a common name into a legend. Follow him at One Yard or on Twitter. While playing on youth baseball teams, Andre would attack the ball like a hawk, while teammates would shy away. Surprisingly, no one calls him "Kazaam," but that could be because they are afraid of being sit on by a 7'1", 325 lb man. 28) on his jersey, the same number that Vaughn wore in the film. Grange was drafted by, and finished his career with, the Chicago Bears. Penny has attributed his successes in life to his grandma, who raised him up as a child while his mother was away working. The big man also played for the USA Basketball team, was a two-time NBA Champion, won the NBA MVP in 1995 and was a 10-time NBA All-Star. Get your answers by asking now. He began to garner the nickname "Iron" for his toughness and seemingly total resistance to go down. Due to his legal troubles, Jones has requested he now be known simply as "Adam Jones" in an effort to separate his new under-the-radar personality from his past troubles with the law. He is the most dominating boxer in the history of the sport and is synonymous with boxing legend. In 1993, he signed the most lucrative contract in NBA history (at that time) to play for the Hornets, a 12-year, $84 million deal. Is there a single NBA player that supports Donald Trump? Still have questions? The iconic hitter earned the nickname "The Flying Dutchman" in his playing days for his speed and nationality. Jackson hit home runs in Game 4 and Game 5 of the Series. "When he joined the Cubs, his extravagant wind-up and release and his frequent wild pitches inspired Wrigley Field organists to play The Troggs' Wild Thing as he came out of the bullpen.

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