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Fertile egg prices -FREE RANGE ✅ We are a small poultry based hobby farm located in Ellalong, Hunter Valley NSW (just a short drive from Newcastle, Maitland, Singleton and the Central Coast ). Yards are either The frizzle version is yet another uniquely feathered variety which none of the other bantam chickens for sale can claim. 7wk rabbits. Females will lay small white egg. Everything You Need To Know About Fertile Eggs, Different Coloured Eggs and the Breeds That Lay Them, The 4 Essential Tips for Keeping a Rooster in your Urban Backyard. We are a small professionally run Australian family owned Chicken breeding farm. In layman's... It’s a very common practice among backyard chicken keepers to keep LOTS of egg-exquisitely different breeds! First picture is 5 month old Wyandotte cockerel. Medowie, NSW, Australia 2318. In chicks, these little cuties are beautiful they are a range of pet quality or show quality - read on >> Free to a good home. Large Orpington black and blue splash Bantam Leghorn hens weigh: 920 g. Roosters: 1020g. Black Australorp Off the head now. They are just finishing their moult I have a number of Pekin and Silkies Cockerels looking for new homes. - SOLD UNSEXED - Lavender Mottled & Black Mottled yard, Download the Gumtree app for iOS or Android. For more information click here. Bred for friendly temperament and small bantam size. Our chooks are raised in chicken tractors , spacious enclosures or free rang, Bantam Rooster for free to good home, not sure on the breed but very friendly temperament. Broadway Poultry is located in Killingworth, one of the western most suburbs of Newcastle, NSW. I breed frizzle chickens and bantams! We found 21 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. Search. Instantly search over 500 articles using the search box below. Will require heat. 1 Sussex hen 1 year old approx $50 4 bantam white/ splash leghorn pullets $30ea 1 bantam Brown leghorn rooster $20 (lot $100) 2 Xbred bantam roosters $20 both. Bantam chicken fertile eggs and other breeds. Cockerel dad was new colour - Creole ,and mum pure lavender. All very cute and cuddly chickens that children love! Assorted bantam cockerels. Would make great... 2 x Pekin bantam hens one white, one black Will make ideal pets. 5 Pekin Bantam Cockerels, they are around 12/13 weeks. Find bantam chickens ads in our Livestock category from Newcastle Region, NSW. **GUMTREE MESSAGES WILL BE IGNORED SORRY Baby chicks for sale pure bred excellent quality bred for showing and also have good quality suited as pets please contact me directly on or visit my page on Facebook which is Bijoux Feather Farm Have medicinal herbs brand Country Park / loads of that - a list is on my ad on marketplace if you look up medicinal herbs, they’re suited to horses dogs chooks rabbits cats They are approximately 20 weeks old and are very attached so need a home together. If you are reading this ad Welcome to LOCHYS CHOOK FARM. Bantam Easter Egger hens weigh 737g, Roosters: 850g. This extensive online course shares useful advice on choosing the right chickens for you as well as size & frequency of eggs laid. Viewing welcome, 5 weeks old - off heat. Only 4 left. Raised with dogs and children. We take a great deal of care and time breeding our chickens from our show winning bloodlines . CHICKENS AVAILABLE SILKIES - We have a li, We have beautiful healthy pure breed sexed female chicks available of the following Heritage breeds . Fertile egg prices Free to a good home, 13 weeks old Second photo is of parents All Rights Reserved. Beautiful boy, has been handled regularly since hatch. Australorps in blue and splash Anconas Araucanas in lavender and black French Wheaten Marans Wyandottes in splash gold and blue laced gold - sold out available to order Pekin Bantams We do not breed Isa Browns. We found 10 additional ads in surrounding suburbs. Aberdare2325 text please. He’s a healthy, friendly rooster & only re homing due to our neighbours (we live in the suburbs). They are beautiful, intelligent,... Not sure whether your eggs are fertile? Hatched early May 2020, he has grown up with his siblings and is a friendly... We have 5 cuckoo bantam cockerels and 3 runner drakes free to good homes. The cheapest offer starts at $ 5. $10 each or 6 for $50 Bring a box. They are the cutest little fluff balls and very friendly! When perusing catalogues for bantam chickens for sale be sure to consider the big ol’ fluff-ball Cochin breed! On the one hand, these charming chaps can be a huge benefit in keeping your flock... To keep chickens happy, healthy and laying bounties of delicious eggs, they need to be fed a varied diet rich in protein and calcium- most... It’s morning! Mandalong, NSW. Many breeders of standard breeds also offer bantam chickens for sale. Bantams chickens for sale ... Country West, New South Wales. NOTE: all enquiries must be by telephone only or text on —————————————————————— 2 x boys £5 each, Crested cream legbar cross cockerel needs a new home with some ladies of his own. Colour: choice of 2 yards or a mix of both. There are so many amazing breeds to consider when starting your own flock. Bantam Pekins furnace colour, message for details. They are crossed from a large gold laced wyandotte rooster and a bantam silver laced wyandotte, also a few that are from the same rooster crossed with an isa brown. Commercial Sales, Leasing & Property Mgmt, Residential Leasing & Property Management. Frizzle and bantam chickens - cute little fluff balls! Gorgeous little boy. We are proud to serve all Chicken Owners across your beautiful state providing Show Grade Quality Healthy & Robust Chickens. Colours Inc white, black, partridge, buffs, blue /Splash and others please msg for any more Info and colours . We are located near Gosford (on Mangrove Mountain) and we also have 2 pickup locations in Sydney at DURAL and at TERREY HILLS. There are two silkie cockerels: one white and one white and grey. At the moment I have more eggs than I can incubate myself so I'm offering some fertile eggs for sale! All free to loving homes. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY, JUST TURN UP DURING OPENING TIMES! 3 weeks old. Aged from 1-2 years. Check my other post aswell. by Kassandra Smith $4. $35.00 ea call ****5515 Please call or text as internet service doesn't work well. Leghorns are busy active chooks, fantastic flyers, and fabulous foragers. Large gold laced chicks Fully vaccinated and wormed. About 6 months old. Friendly well handled little fluff balls from strong breeding lines that should produce good chicks of a variety of colours and feather styles! $10 each. CHICKENS AVAILABLE SILKIES - We have a li, Show Poultry Breeding Stock Tumbi Valley Poultry, Tumbi Valley Poultry has their entire Breeding Team for Sale Frizzle bantam, pekins, copper maran, sussex, leghorn, RIR, french weaton. Silkies are the only bantam chickens for sale that cannot fly! It takes no time at all to update and you benefit from; Thanks. Kurrajong, NSW. 1 Pekin Bantam cock Located at kenthurst near Dural and C. I have some rare and beautiful Splash Auracana baby chooks 2 weeks old and 1 week olds, have shown parents in pics , pure white with black dots splashed all over, BLUE egg layers, only about 15 up for sale. These are the best of our whole stud Extremely friendly and gorgeous colours. We have a chook pen bigger than your average block,it has a massive pond for water and a chook shed to supply shelter for them during day and night and they all cuddle up together when it’s bedtime, 6ft colourbond fence that is fox proof and plenty of room for them to roam around and explore Zinger is 5 months old, hand raised, around small children & already fertilising the females for fertile eggs. Full access to all modern websites (including AgTrader) £20 Preferably under 18 months old but old enough to breed. 5-6month old pair $100 I am after a pure bred pekin bantam rooster. Japanese Bantam $80 per dozen $45 per half dozen 1 - 9 of 9 ads. Pets & Animals. All our breeds are great layers and family friendly. Would make a loving pet, Pekin cockrells hand tame different colours 10weeks old free to good home, 2 young bachelor pekin batams looking for some girls. Wyandot, 1 Sussex hen 1 year old approx $50 4 bantam white/ splash leghorn pullets $30ea Time to peek inside those poultry nesting boxes and gather all the egg-ceptionally fresh eggs! All 16- 20 weeks old. Approx 2-3 months old, Barnyard Mixed Fertilized Eggs (Free Ranged), I have fertilized barnyard mixed eggs from my free ranged flock! 2 white hens, 1 mottled blue hen, 1 mottled blue frizzle cockerel and one mottled blue cockerel. From healthcare to raising baby chicks to feeding and behavior, get the knowledge and confidence to successfully look after your chickens. 3 hours ago . Pekins cockerels i have available are mille fleur, lavender, black and cream. Find Pekin Bantams for sale, for rehoming and for adoption from reputable breeders or connect for free with eager buyers in Newcastle upon Tyne at, the pet classifieds. I have 2 handsome pekin boys looking for a flock of their own, well behaved, can go together or separately. If you are not familiar with Silkies, they are a bantam breed. Good homes only. This post contains affiliate links. Fertility has been very high when I incubate the eggs myself. , Baby Bantam Chicks Pekin & Silkies & Mealworm Farm starter beetles, !!! 4 6 week old and 1 12 week old Pekin x Frizzle bantam boys looking for new homes. Hens £25. Contact JD's Backyard Hens on Messenger. Pets & Animals. Day old Bantam chicks. Bantam x silky $10.00 ea 1 bantam Brown leghorn rooster $20 (lot $100) 2 Xbred bantam roosters $20 both, Another batch has hatched at Bijoux Feather Farm Also have Belgian d’Uccle hens 2mths old available $70 each. I have lots of fertile bantam chicken eggs for sale! nice looking chicks from stunning rooster. They breed to be very hardy and good foraging type. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. - $10 each or 6 for $50 - -PASTURED & VEGO FED ✅ Isa brown Cross Sussex chicks and fertile eggs, We have beautiful healthy pure breed sexed female chicks available of the following Heritage breeds . Only 4 left. I have 3 bantam cockerels for sale for £5 each. Got a problem? Good layers and healthy birds been wormed recently and mite free. Login / Register. Only 12 weeks old & not crowing yet. Pet Service. The cuckoos vary between light and dark and hatched may this year. Pekin Pullets available in a variety of different colours. We can also organise door to door transportation. Page Transparency See More. Agtrader is only available to modern browsers. $20. We have now bred plenty of chicks so all the breeding team is available Available white, black, red buff, partridge, cuckoo, and a bluish lavender. Lovely and friendly. Far fewer instances of crashing or freezing. Hens are: Light Sussex, Ancona's, English Game, Australorp Cross, Gold split Cream Legbars, mixed bantams, welsummer, welsummer crosses, isa browns, columbian sussex cross & a few more. Thanks, Young pekins colours Inc buff, white, black, partridge, mottled, chocolate laced, blue/Splash, and a few others. I already have a cockerel hence needing to move him on. E, Fertile Eggs : Belgian d’Uccle, Japanese Bantam,Silkies, Bijoux Feather Farm visit my Facebook page for more photos Related Pages. Please wait... Top 20 Chicken Breeds for Your Backyard Coop, The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Happy and Healthy Backyard Chickens. Have lived with children and dogs Yellow Rock, NSW . Need to know something but short of time? 5.5 months old , will feed from hand , love being talked to, idilic upbringing on grass , wish we could keep them all as such good company ! Two hens must go together. 10 weeks old. **SHOW QUALITY FLOCKS** Silkies $70 per dozen $35 per half dozen (you’ll receive a mix of black, white, partridge, grey.)

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