Our coverage on Toy Fair New York 2020 continues! Here are the remaining reveals from Funko at this year’s Toy Fair!

Funko Pop! Stripes

Funko Pop! Pens: DC

Funko Pop! Movies: Fight Club

Funko Pop! Movies: Animal House

Funko Pop! Movies: Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion

Funko Pop! Movies: Smokey and the Bandit


Funko Pop! Movies: Wonder Woman 1984

Quick side note, Funko has Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah silhouetted in the majority of their announcement posts but thanks to the Funko website, we were able to find an image with displaying a Wonder Woman 1984 Mystery Minis display case with a full look at Cheetah’s mystery mini-figure. Giving us our first look at Cheetah in film.

Unfortunately, when we visited the Funko booth at Toy Fair. No Cheetah merchandise was on display so we couldn’t seize the moment and give you our readers a much closer look. As speculated, this is to avoid any spoilers for the film.

Funko Pop! Movies: Back to the Future

Funko Pop! Movies: Mighty Ducks

Now that we have all of the Funko Pop!s out of the way, let’s move onto Funko’s Gameverse!

Funko’s New Products Line:

Funko Pop! Marvel Zombies

Funko Pop! Candy – Marvel & DC

Adding to their already massive line of Marvel and DC Funko Pop!. Funko unveils Funko Candy, Funko Pop!s filled with real edible candy! The candies found inside the clear pop are color-coordinated to the characters these pops are representing.

As pictured above, Iron Man’s Pop! Candy has red and yellow candy pieces on the inside to match Iron Man’s iconic red/yellow armor color scheme. You can keep the candy inside to make your pop standout from the rest of your Funko collection, or you can eat the candy and have a cool looking clear Funko Pop!.

Funko Gashouse Gang

As I was given a tour around the Funko booth. I was shown the Funko Gashouse Gang toy display. A new line of children’s toys that Funko is looking to get into in order to expand and grow its brand beyond the average collector. Gashouse Gang are squeezable toys that make multiple fart noises that young boys would typically find funny.

Adding to its new toy collection line is Funko’s Boogey Monsters. Kids can use a monster finger to pick the literal nose of a monster in order to retrieve a collectible mini-figure from the slime found insides the monster’s nose. Pretty gross right? Don’t worry, your child will love it!

Funko Pop! Albums

First in the new line of the Funko Pop! Albums line is the Notorious B.I.G. Ready to Die album cover, featuring a Baby Notorious B.I.G. Funko Pop!. As I spoke to the Funko representative during my tour of the booth. I was informed that Funko will be doing some Hip-Hop variant covers and other classic albums in various genres of music, including Rock music.

My initial thought when I heard Hip-Hop variants, was the Marvel Hip-Hop variant cover arts from a few years back. While the rep wouldn’t really confirm that for me, and I don’t want to confirm something that is not official. Don’t be surprised if Funko pulls this out of their sleeves.

Funko is also dabbing into their Japanese style collectibles by launching a new line of mini-figures and collectibles from Hello Kitty and Paka Paka, check them out below.

Coming in as a late entry is the Funko Pop! Sanrio – Hello Kitty x Team USA Olympics Pop!s. Two of the seven Pop!s will be retailer exclusives. One will be exclusive to Funko which will be home to a flocked Hello Kitty Pop and the other being a Target Exclusive.

Funko revealed a massive lineup for 2020 and Funkofanatics can look forward to adding some stunning Funko Pop!s to their already massive collection. Now that Toy Fair New York has officially come to a close, make sure to keep checking back with us for the rest of our coverage on Toy Fair New York 2020.

Images: Funko

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