Toy Fair New York is nearly wrapping up this year’s massive toys announcement that’s slated to release all throughout 2020. Leading the charge was Funko and the unveiling of their upcoming 2020 line of Funko Pop!s We refrained from posting every bit of information as it was being announced to collect all the data and compile it all together so you can get find all the details and images all in one place. Take a look below at all the upcoming Funko Pop!s announced and revealed at Toy Fair New York.

Pop! Television: The Office

Pop! Television: Magnum P.I.

Pop! Television: Will & Grace:

From the hit 90s sitcom, Will & Grace make their official Funko Pop debut!

POP! Cobra Kai:

Fans of The Avengers, gamers and Funko collectors alike can all look forward to the upcoming release of the Avengers video game from Square Enix. Along with the initial wave of Pops, Funko also unveiled retailer exclusives for Walmart, Amazon, Target & Best Buy. Take a look below.

Pokemon fans rejoice! Funko double confirms their upcoming line of Pokemon Funko Pop!s, which includes fan-favorite Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo. We reported on the initially announced a couple of weeks ago, but it was nice being able to see these Funko Pop!s up close and personal.

Funko Pop! Games: Fortnite:

Fortnite has been on a massive hype train this past week and Funko added fuel to the fire with their new wave of Fortnite pops!

Funko POP! Sally Face:

It’s time to Go Beyond, Plus Ultra with this new wave of My Hero Academia Funko Pop!s

Funko’s My Hero Academia line only keeps getting better and better! But the announcements don’t stop there. Funko unleashed their Full Cowl and unveil their brand new Funko Pop! Moments and My Hero Academia Mystery Minis.

Included in the newly announced wave of My Hero Academia Funko merchandise are MHA: Pop! Keychains and Pop! Pens.

Funko Pop! Animation: Dragon Ball Super:

Dragon Ball Super gets a stunning new wave of Funko Pop!s with the first-ever Funko Pop! for Klefa the Potara Fusion of Kale and Caulifla! The Chalice Collectibles Exclusive GITD Super Saiyan Kefla Chase Variant is a MUST-HAVE in your collection! Make sure to pre-order right here for your chance at getting this chase figure!

Funko Pop! Animation: YU-GI-OH!

It’s time to d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!!! Obliterate the competition with these newly announced Yugioh Funko Pop!s, which includes fan-favorite Exodia! Don’t worry, you won’t need five separate pops to make Exodia a reality (even though that would’ve been a great concept), but you get Exodia in a glorious 6″ Pop Figure! EXODIA OBLITERATE!!!!

Funko Pop! Animation: Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac:

For the first time ever, Funko brings one of the all-time greatest anime series to Funko form. Inuyasha makes its Funko debut this year!

Funko Plush: Bananya and the Curious Bunch

Adding to their list of television classics, Funko revealed new pop lines for Looney Tunes and Arthur.

Funko Pop! Soul:

Funko extends its Disney Pop line with Disney Villians Funko Pop!s and new Funko Pop! Disney Pop Pens.

Funko also gave fans an inside look at their Toy Fair New York booth, which had all of its newly announced merchandise on full display!

Funko Pop! Sports:

Additional reveals from Funko at Toy Fair included a pair of Harry Potter Pop!s

And some pretty epic reveals from some of Marvel’s recent films, including Avengers: Endgame.

We know this is a lot of information to take in and to keep your brains flowing, we’ll be back again with the remainder of the announcements from Funko. Make sure to also keep it locked for reveals from other companies like Hasbro, DC Collectibles, Bandai & more. A ton of reveals emerged from Toy Fair New York and we can’t wait to reveal them all to you!

Images: Funko

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