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The Best female wrestler on the current WWE female roster is Charlotte Flair. Period. Although the backlash she is getting from fans is understandable and fair to a certain degree, I simply don’t agree with those fans. Sure her win/loss record over the last couple months wasn’t that great but let’s be honest, Wins and losses is for storyline purposes it doesn’t define who’s actually a good performer or not. I think we can all agree on that and if we’re going by wins and losses, then I’m sure everyone failed to notice how Becky lynch taps out cleanly to Auska and then later magically throws herself in the royal rumble match and wins it. charlotte(Photograph credit to WWE)

See what I mean? Let’s not cherry pick at every little thing. Like I said it’s all part of a storyline. You don’t have to like the storyline, some of them you will like and some of them you won’t but there are other fans besides yourself and myself so what pleases you probably won’t please others and vice versa, that’s how it goes. Now for all the people using the “she’s Ric Flairs daughter” excuse, that’s a pretty cheap excuse in my opinion to hate on her and discredit her as a performer. It’s not her fault who her father is and just because you’re Ric Flairs daughter doesn’t mean you’re destined to be a good wrestler. She earned her way through NXT, she had to prove herself just like Sasha Banks, Bailey and and all the other girls who got called up. She earned her spot on the main roster. If she would’ve been a horrible performer it wouldn’t have mattered who her father is. That’s not the way this business works. charlotte (Photograph credit to WWE)

Now yes the fact that her father is the legendary Ric Flair did give her the initial jump but the rest of the work was all Charlotte. Everyone knows she does have a lot of pressure considering she has big shoes to fill but that doesn’t mean things will be handed to her. She’s just that good. Michael Jordan’s kids weren’t gifted with basketball talents. And I’m sure if they were and tried out for the NBA, they wouldn’t just walk onto an NBA team. Ken Griffey Jr. didn’t just walk into the MLB, he was drafted and guess what? It didn’t matter that his father played in the majors, he was going to have to be a good player or else he’s out. How many second or third generation wrestlers failed and didn’t make it? How come being the son or daughter of a legend didn’t help those superstars out? Your last name has nothing to do with your talent or work ethic. This is a business and that’s how it works. Why is Ronda in the main event? Is she a better wrestler than Sasha? Bailey? Auska? No, but she sells and she’s popular and what’s best for business at the moment. With that being said, Kudos to Ronda Rousey for actually improving everyday, traveling the road, taking her bumps and having the desire to learn so If you ask me I think she belongs on the big stage. charlotte

(Photograph credit to WWE)

Charlotte on the other hand is actually the better WRESTLER out of the 3. The best in the business if I’m being honest. I thought Wrestlemania was about showcasing the best of the best. The 3 best women on the roster right now will be involved in that match and that’s the reality and also how WWE sees it too. This may come as a surprise to some folks but there are other fans that actually like Charlotte being in this match despite some people not wanting to see her In it. WWE will not be able to please everyone but I think Regardless of the matter, they do their best and this is going to be a 5 star classic match and we should all just sit back and enjoy a great show. charlotte

(Photograph credit to WWE)

Wrestlemania comes at you live from the WWE Network on April 7th.