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Warner Bros Discovery’s New CEO, David Zaslav, Plans For DC Entertainment Overhaul After Great Merger

Warner Bros Discovery is Seeking a Kevin Feige-like Figure In Leadership Role

After the humongous Warner Bros Discovery merger deal worth nearly $43 Million was executed over a week ago, the Company is looking to bring forth a massive overhaul of DC Entertainment and issue some amendments to it. CEO of Warner Bros Discovery, David Zaslav, along with other leaders are eying to make some changes in DC to solidify its brand and improve the creative aspects. Along with the impacts on DCEU, this decision will also affect various other departments of DC like gaming, comics, events, etc. with a more coherent and even path for all.

During the past five years, DCEU films are constantly scattered all over the place without any clear aim or a common way. By setting up a Creative Leader like Kevin Feige who would ensure a common route for all DCEU films, Zaslav is aiming to fix this problem and also prevent mistakes like Justice League and Suicide Squad (2016). Rather than becoming a creative manager, this new leader is expected to bind together various sectors of the branch into a single strand. The company has selected many candidates for this job including the former president of Paramount’s motion picture group, Emma Watts.

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With an intention to explore the full potential of some of the greatest characters in the history of entertainment like Superman, Zaslav is trying to revitalize these characters and unleash their best forms of them. Warner Bros Discovery is also keen to formulate earlier successful projects on minor comic characters like JOKER and Harley Quinn in order to take full advantage of these second shelf characters and villains.

Warner Bros. Discovery also wants to improve other factions of DC like comic book fares, gaming, and streaming content. With the incessant efforts of the company to shift their audiences to streaming platforms, Warner Bros Discovery is also eager to follow the same track with projects like Peacemaker, the upcoming Batgirl film, the Penguin series, and the reworked GCPD series, which will be releasing exclusively on HBO Max.

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This merger is expected to impact fans in a positive manner with a clearer vision and proper approach towards DC Entertainment as a whole. Whilst releasing some of the biggest films of the year like Black Adam and Shazam! Fury of the Gods, there might be some changes or mending in them as mentioned by the report from Variety. After the current full swing of DC with some great successes like The Batman and Aquaman which shattered the box office and created new standards for cinema, this new approach seems to be working in favor of it and promises to correct early mistakes made by the Warner Bros.

(Source: Variety)

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