Thanks to Fandango many fans around the world got to see Shazam two weeks ahead of its theatrical release. I was lucky enough to snag some tickets and get in on this early viewing myself. Now going in I wasn’t super sold on the movie but I was cautiously optimistic about the film’s potential and what it could bring to the table.

The movie is fully self aware in the best way possible. It’s not as self aware as Deadpool and it doesn’t need to be. But it’s self aware to the point where it doesn’t take itself too seriously; and its a joyride right from the beginning. Right away you’re introduced and immersed into the world of Shazam and what the magical world of DC is and what it has to offer.

Asher Angel grows into his own, in his role as Billy Batson. He IS Billy Batson and the casting couldn’t have been better. While his onscreen chemistry with Jack Dylan Grazer was good. Jack himself shined more while sharing the screen with Shazam himself Zachary Levi than he did with Asher Angel. Zachary Levi as Shazam has officially won me over and I cannot wait until he interacts with the rest of his DCEU family in the near future!

The movie itself brings a ton of heartwarming moments. A lot of laughs and a lot of references to DC pop culture. While the Superman nods were leaning more on the heavy side, its nothing to be too overly critical about. This is all due to this film showing you what a teenager who’s also a superhero fan, would say and do if he just so haappens to gain super powers.

The villain(s) were great. They shine the most during the final battle in the third act of the film. I can’t spoil anything for you guys, but if you guys are huge fans of Shazam, you guys will absolutely LOVE the big comic book moments that happen in this film.

My only gripes with the film and this is going back to the Superman nods. I felt like it tried a little too hard to make the viewer aware that this film is indeed part of the DCEU, when it didn’t really NEED to cement that. That’s probably my only big gripe with the film.

The supporting cast who makes up the rest of the foster family in this film is great! Specifically Darla. She’s such an adorable little girl and she brought this charm that just made my heart melt.

In conclusion the film is great. The story is great. The introduction to the world of magic and the world of Shazam is great and it opens up so much to the DCEU and its future. A lot of heartwarming moments and a ton of laughs, that are just organic and worthwhile. Solid introduction to Billy Batson and Shazam!

A lot of surprised for you guys to see and experience when it finally arrives in theaters on April 5th!

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