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Disney and Marvel Studios are now in the Endgame! Marketing for Avengers: Endgame is in full effect and its ready to decimate fans across the world!


After officially making tickets available yesterday and breaking the internet. Marvel released a brand new special look at its upcoming film. Early today we received 12 new characters posters and to top off these past two days of Avengers madness. Disney unveils new footage to Avengers: Endgame and here is the full description courtesy of

Captain Marvel is ready to leave the Avengers facility “to kill Thanos” at the top of the clip. Black Widow wants to work as a team but Captain Marvel has a cocky attitude, claiming Thanos has never faced someone as powerful as her. Captain America realizes “up there” is more her territory but thinks they should work together. She might know people who know where Thanos is but doesn’t know him herself.

Nebula explains Carol need not bother with a search. She knows where Thanos is.

Cut ahead, Nebula goes on about how Thanos made her want to please him, even when she was disassembled, failing, and in pain. His answer to where they would go when his plan was complete would always be “The Garden.”

A hologram comes up — Rocket Raccoon shows that two days ago a similar event to the one that occurred on Earth happened on another planet. He used the Stones again. Captain Marvel wants to use the Stones to bring everyone back and undo Thanos snapping his fingers. Black Widow wants to try. Bruce Banner is hesitant.

Captain Marvel says “because before you didn’t have me” is the reason they failed to defeat Thanos the first time

“Hey, new girl, everybody in this room is about that super hero life, if you don’t mind me asking, where the hell were you before all of this?” Rhodes asks Carol. She says she was helping other planets which, unfortunately, didn’t have the Avengers. Thor steps to Carol and summons Stormbreaker. She doesn’t flinch.

“I like this one,” Thor says.

Cut ahead, again. “Let’s go get this son of a bitch,” Captain America says.

The Endgame logo plays. The Benetar ship is then seen heading into space. All of the Avengers except Tony are onboard. Black Widow, Cap, and Rhodey have never been to space, to Rocket’s dismay, requesting none of them throw up in his ship. They approach a jump, Cap watches the vibrant colors go by, and the ship speeds off.

As I mentioned on my Instagram post. We knew Captain Marvel was heading into Endgame hot and cocky! She’s been easily kicking names and taking ass all across the universe. It was a given she would want to come in and face Thanos alone (I really want to see this and have Thanos come out as the victor, sorry not sorry).

Having Rhodes address where she’s been all this time will be key in filling in the gaps of her whereabouts, despite her solo film filling it in just slightly.

Language! Looks like that rule is out of the window now that Thanos has decimated half of the universe!

Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters April 26.