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Cosplayer Bec The Noir on Embracing Body Positivity Through Cosplay

Cosplayer Bec The Noir Embraces Body Positivity Through Cosplay!

 Cosplay has always been a big part of the nerd community. Cosplay is inspired by a variety of media from an abundance of geek culture. In sci-fi, Marvel, DC, anime, and even video games, there is no limit to the creativity an individual can put into their cosplay. The art of cosplaying requires a lot of skills such as wig styling, costuming, makeup, and even prop making. It’s definitely not a cheap hobby or an easy one. There are so many talented individuals in this art form that deserve a spotlight when it comes to their craft. A cosplayer who deserves recognition for their talent would be Bec The Noir on Instagram.

Bec The Noir has been in the cosplay community since 2014, she got into cosplay as a way for her to express her love for her favorite characters and shows. She states; “I was into a few fandoms when I was in middle school and wondered how else could I express my love for characters and the series besides fan art, and that’s when I learned about cosplay. I talked with a friend at the time and their mom helped both of us make our first cosplays.”

She now uses cosplay as an art form, a way of expressing herself as well as a way for her to feel confident about herself and her skills. As she should with these amazing costumes she made from scratch. From wig styling to her armor builds Bec The Noir shows that she is a Jack of all trades. One of her favorite builds would be her Odogaron armor from the popular game Monster Hunter. The beloved action role-playing game was created by video game developer Capcom. This costume has been a learning experience that allows her to work with newer fabrics and learn new skills when it comes to armor detailing.

Bec The Noir Cosplay Spotlight/Interview The Nerdy Basement
Monster Hunter photo by: @nate_takes

As for accomplishments Bec The Noir has guested at Fanboy Expo Orlando and won the Best Armor Award at Florida’s Polycon 2022. She feels her best accomplishment is when people tell her she has helped them in some way; whether it be with their builds or helping them gain the self-confidence to have the courage to do their dream cosplays. Bec is a huge advocate for body positivity and acceptance in the cosplay community. Having struggled with body dysphoria at a young age and the bullying that comes with having a fuller figure, she learned how to love herself by working on herself including her mental health.

Cosplaying was a form of escapism for her in the beginning. When she started posting her work on Instagram she would get haters online telling her she should only cosplay plus-sized characters. She strives to inspire people to cosplay whoever they want no matter their body type. She states; Cosplay is for everyone, no matter weight, skin, color, or height. It’s about having fun and meeting great people/friends. I really hope I can embody that and help others enjoy the hobby.” They spread such positivity through the cosplaying community and are an excellent role model to others.

A few cosplay standouts of theirs are their Sister of Battle cosplay from the game Warhammer 40K. This is a super impressive cosplay given the size of the build which took her months to complete. Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars The Clone Wars who was introduced in 2008, is another fan favorite of hers. The detailing is immaculate as well as the makeup. Just the effort put into the Akul-tooth headdress Ahsoka wears shows Bec’s attention to detail. They even cosplayed anime characters like Gyro Zeppeli from the popular series Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. I definitely recommend checking out their content! They have such great armor builds, including new cosplays going forward! Such talent deserves to be seen by others.

You can keep up with Bec The Noir on all her social channels below.


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