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If you were one of the lucky fans in attendance at this year’s WonderCon, you were in for one hell of a ride. Footage from the upcoming Dark Phoenix film was shown by Fox. DC Universe ROCKED the city of Anaheim with their massive announcements from their Friday night panel and we are here breakdown and discuss all that we know and the little we were able to cover.

Before we get into all of that, if you follow us on Instagram, you have already seen a majority of this news posted on our social sites. Granted we were not able to discuss all this news on our podcast this week, as we were fulfilling our requirements as guests at this years ZappCon 3. It’s a local con here in New Jersey and we were invited out there and the work needed to be completed!

Anyways enough of that! Let’s start off with Dark Phoenix! As I mentioned above, new footage of the film was shown, as thanks to Twitter and those in attendance we were able to get our hands on a description to that footage and a brand new WonderCon exclusive poster that was released for the film and handed out to those who attended the panel.

Check out the poster below:


I have to admit that it is one the best posters we have seen for a Fox related X-Men movie in a really long time. It’s probably the best Dark Phoenix poster to date and that says a lot, granted we’ve only seen two posters prior to this one.

So what about that footage description? Thanks to fans in attendance, Twitter and HeroicHollywood we were able to grab this footage description and share with you guys on our social media platforms.

The footage description goes as followed:

The footage begins with a nail-biting meeting between Charles and the X-Men in which Professor X (James McAvoy) informs everyone that he and Scott (Tye Sheridan) are going after Jean (Sophie Turner). As it turns out, Erik (Michael Fassbender) and his Brotherhood of Mutants have found her and plan to kill her. Charles is scared, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else. Scott cuts in, saying they need to go. Charles shows Kurt (Kodi Smit-McPhee) where they are needed and Kurt teleports them to the Brotherhood’s location.

Upon their arrival, somewhere near the Blackbird, they find the Brotherwood waiting. Professor X attempt to reason with Erik. We then see the scene from the trailers where Erik responds, telling his old friend that there is always a speech, and nobody cares. The Brotherhood make their move for Jean. That’s when the X-Men sprint into action and an impressive battle sequence ensues. Cut to Jean, who is talking with Jessica Chastain’s character (who appears to be only visible to Jean), who informs her that they are here to kill her. During the fight, Erik lifts a subway train as a distraction before heading into a building to confront Jean. Magneto brings a metal rail just near Jean’s eye, which she, of course, has stopped with her own abilities. She tells him “You came her to kill me, but couldn’t even do that. Let me show you how it done.” That’s when the footage fades out.

The footage garnered mixed reactions on social media. Some fans loved it. Some were ok with it. Meanwhile, others just want to drive the nail into the coffin of this already dead franchise. Nonetheless, hype for the film while minimal still exists and it seems like the film will be a much better adaptation of The Dark Phoenix storyline compared to its first iteration in X-Men: The Last Stand. Time will tell when Dark Phoenix arrives in theaters on June 7th.


Now we continue on ahead to DC Universe who honestly has been killing the game as of late with their hit original series Doom Patrol. Just recently the third season to the hit animated series Young Justice premiered and ended with its mid-season finale, leaving all fans aching for more action!

(Young Justice: Outsiders SDCC 2018 Official Poster)

Do not fret anymore Young Justice fans! A premiere date for the latter half of Young Justice: Outsiders was officially revealed and it will arrive to you exclusively on the DC Universe on July 2nd! So whether you’re all caught up or you need a refresher, you have more than enough time to binge it all.


Next up we have the highly anticipated DC Universe Original Series, Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing has been on everyone’s radar since its official announcement, way back when. Making it one of DC’s most anticipated shows on the DC Universe. Filming on Swamp Thing wrapped quite a few weeks ago down in North Carolina. We have seen a few set photos but things have remained heavily under wraps, including its release date.

That’s no longer the case as DC Universe has finally revealed the official release date for Swamp Thing. Arriving at the end of next month, May 31st. Swamp Thing will be just like every DC Universe Original Series released thus far. Premiering on a Friday and continuously releasing a new episode every Friday morning.

Swamp Thing has been teased to be dark, graphic and horrific. While it’s expected to be this way due to Swamp Thing’s nature and comic book history. Having Aquaman director James Wan, who has a horror genre background producing the live action series, will solidify the horror aspects of this series and will have fans jumping in their seats once they gaze their eyes upon it.

The announcements didn’t stop there!


The arrival of Krypton Season One on the DC Universe was announced, along with a release date. You can catch up on Krypton Season One April 5th.


The highly anticipated second season of Titans has been rounding out its cast these past few months. Along with the main cast of Season One. Season Two of Titans new leading cast has been officially announced and revealed. Now we reported the casting news as they were revealed by other sources. This new announcement was to solidify the casting news of Chelsea Zhang as Rose Wilson aka Ravager.

That wasn’t the kicker. DC Universe revealed that Titans Season Two had been pushed up and will now arrive in the Fall of 2019, instead of arriving in 2020. In hindsight it made sense to me personally because, as I mentioned on our weekly podcast. Titans Season One didn’t really feel like a season finale. It felt more like a mid-season break. Either way, the new wave of cast members are deadly and in a good way!

DC Universe also revealed that the Harley Quinn animated series will also be arriving shortly after Titans Season Two in 2019!

If you’re still looking for your DC Animated fix, DC Universe has you covered. The next DC Animated film, Justice League vs The Fatal Five will be arriving April 16 on the DC Universe, the same day it releases both physically and digitally.


Next up in their slate of announcements was digital comics. DC Universe is giving its digital comics library a massive upgrade and will be adding over 20,000 new comics issues for you to read! New issues will be added each and every week, while newer runs of comics will be added 12 months after their initial release.

To cap off a stellar panel DC Universe release the first official look at its upcoming original live action series, Stargirl. Played by Brec Bassinger, Stargirl was given a slick, near perfect, comic book accurate costume, which you can check out below:


DC Universe didn’t end the party there. Fans in attendance were able to attend an early viewing of the Justice League vs The Fatal Five.

Despite not being able to attend WonderCon 2019, we still wanted to bring you some kind of coverage of the event, even if its just solely the star studded news.

Sources and Images: DC Universe, Heroic Hollywood, X-Men Movies (Twitter)