SISTERS IN ARMS! Princess Maxima has made an unexpected visit to our Wonder Woman. The fellow warrior princess is in need of our hero’s help!

Wonder Woman

First, before we get any deeper into this Wonder Woman review for those of you who don’t know who Princess Maxima is she has a long history, to say the least. You have seen her in multiple vintage Superman comics, some Supergirl during the New 52 run, as well as the Superman Animated series. This character is from a warrior race that helms deep in tradition. The first time she came to Earth was only to sort of kidnap Superman and force him to marry her so she can ascend to the throne.

Obviously that didn’t go as planned and she went on to join the Justice League on many adventures throughout the DC history. And that’s just a couple storylines; if you want to learn more about her then click her name above to go on a history lesson.

Now moving forward to the present Maxima is running away from her planet’s long-rooted traditions of ascension to the throne. She can only assume power by marrying a man, no other way. But Maxima has gained proof of the lie that has been passed down through generations. The founders of Almerac were Almaara and Raacal, their bond became the basis to the system of rule on the planet. A queen must have a king, though the founders were not male and female but both female! She can rule with another Queen by her side the person she loves. And she looks to Wonder Woman’s strength to help her reveal the truth and regain her throne.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman accepts this mission for the truth. And we make our way on the planet Almerac. The story goes on to introduce the remaining characters in this plot and plenty of action. Steve Orlando gave us a theme all too common in today’s world and brought us his great progressive retelling of the tale. The proof was shown and Maxima gained her happy ending. And with her victory provided some much-needed words of wisdom for Diana. If you been keeping up with these previous issues we know Diana and Steve Trevor are no longer a couple and because of this Wonder Woman has been struggling to keep herself afloat. Blaming duty over her happiness.

But Steve Orlando didn’t leave us there everyone! Nope, he gave us another piece to the upcoming story arc THE FOUR HORSEWOMEN! Warmaster has now assembled the first 2 of her Horsewomen Armageddon and Devastation. And she on the hunt for the remaining. Back on earth she now finds her third rider. And she is Genocide! I for one cant wait to see what this horsewoman can do, being trapped in a sarcophagus surrounded by an army of the dead. She must mean some bad trouble for Wonder Woman.

Overall this issue is a connecting piece for the main arc that’s upcoming. Bits and pieces of character building that we know and love in our stories. Wonder Woman is on her path to becoming whole again, all the while oblivious to what Leviathan created in Warmaster. Fresh villains that can make a real impact on the mythos of Wonder Woman. So I’m not going to rate it but will say that its a must-read to see how Dian makes her way to the next arc and what she needs to overcome this new challenge.

Hope you all liked this review, let me know in the comments below what you been liking or even disliking about Steve Orlando’s current run on Wonder Woman. As always STAY NERDY MY FRIENDS!

Love Comics, love being a nerd!

Love Comics, love being a nerd!

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