WOLVERINE #1 – The Best there is Unleashed! (REVIEW)

Wolverine is back and fiercer than ever in an all-new solo series by writer Benjamin Percy (X-FORCE, WOLVERINE: THE LONG NIGHT) and industry legend Adam Kubert (X-MEN, AVENGERS)!

Wolverine #1 Cover

Wolverine #1 has finally clawed its way to our local comic shops, and this oversized two-story filled title has already given us what this peaceful Nation of Krakoa needed. The best at what they do is back to protect his new home at any means necessary. But can he when the safe haven has begun to soften the beast named Wolverine? Well, he wouldn’t be the best if he went down easy. Benjamin Percy takes us on a new journey for Logan that will bring new development to the beloved character.


We start with part 1 ‘The Flower Cartel’; as most will know Logan is a part of the “CIA” of Krakoa X-Force. They are tasked with the safety and sometimes undesirable tasks that must be done in the name of the nation. Reports have come in of missing shipments of petals. This is not something new since the exclusive drugs are wanted by every other nation that did not join in on the party at the beginning of House/Powers of X events. So where does this take the team you ask? Their intel brings them to a Mutant worshipping cult that thinks drinking the blood of mutants will gift them their next step in evolution, Gross. The action drawn by Adam Kubert captures it all for us. Something all Wolverine fans can enjoy. Learning a new knock-off drug made from some of the petals are killing the users. And X-Force cannot let that continue. But before all this fun happens were shown at the very start the team of X-Force is brutally murdered, lying on the cold grounds of Alaska with claw slashes throughout their bodies. A mangled Wolverine awakes to witness the carnage as well and has no recollection of the events. He is used to being the only survivor of many skirmishes, even though he knows for reasons not his own he helped kill his own friends he moves forward toward the Pale Lady!

This first part of the Wolverine story gives us more than enough to be pumped for. This crime thriller/mystery gives us a new threat to face and a Logan that already sees the effects of peace on his own psyche. Sure he’s still a badass at this point but when you cant protect the people you care about that’s when things get sticky. Good Action, potential good villain, and great storytelling bring a lot to be desired in this first part.

Off to the second story of the issue, and this one brings us back to the roots of the ferocious character. And brings back some familiar faces. Omega Red returns bloody and fearful. Wolverine wants him gone asap, but the laws of the Quiet Council must be upheld and amnesty must be allowed to the psychotic mutant. As much as Logan protests at the decision to allow entry for Omega Red Magneto dismisses him. And instead sends him on a mission to learn of the person who damaged Omega Red so greatly and learn of its threat to the nation. From the intel gathered from Omega Red Wolverine sets off to Paris and learns once again the hard way that peace dulls the instincts of a warrior. Vampires appear to be the culprit of the deeds and capture Logan. But with the help of Louise of the Nightguard, he escapes and learns more of the situation.

Krakoa once again becomes a catalyst for many sects to begin a campaign of power. The Vampires found this to be an opportunity to build their ranks and we learn Dracula is behind it all. Dracula has made Omega Red a pawn in his scheme and with his help gained immunity to the sun itself, because of Logan’s blood. We don’t know how far this scheme will go but I’m excited to see some awesome vampire hunting commence!

Now that you know the gist of the upcoming stories I think it’s fair to say this is a win for Benjamin Percy so far. Setting up the plots for two stories with 2 roads for Wolverine to follow will give us a brand new perspective on him. I think the issue only improves because of the two tales given. I’m hoping the next issues are in a similar format. I wouldn’t mind paying 7.99 for a 2 in one special lol. And with that, I will give this first issue a 4 out of 5! Let me know what you all thought in the comments below. Are you excited to see where this takes Wolverine or is this just another same old twist to you? I can’t wait to hear from you! And as always STAY NERDY MY FRIENDS!

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