Top 10 Comics 2022- The Nerdy Basement

TNB Top 10 Comics of 2022


Action Comics - The Nerdy Basement

10. Action Comics
War World Saga  – Writer: Phillip John Kennedy and Various / DC COMICS 1030-1046

Love the War World grittiness, Seeing Superman struggle, and The Future State 2 issue run made this arc even more spectacular.  

Radiant Black - Top 10 - The Nerdy Basement

9. Radiant Black – Writer: Kyle Higgins – Various Artist / IMAGE COMICS / 20 issues ongoing

Enjoying the hell out of this universe! Story feels personal and just continues to surprise each issue.

Dark Crisis - The Nerdy Basement

8. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earth’s – Writer:  Joshua Williamson, Artist:  Daniel Sampere / DC COMICS / 7 issues

An event that felt like a move forward for the DC Universe.  

Iron Man - The Nerdy Basement

7. Iron Man –  Writer:  Christopher Cantwell   Artist: CAFU and Others /  MARVEL 25 Issues 

Nightwing - The Nerdy Basement

6. Nightwing – Writer:  Tom Taylor run  Artist: Bruno Redondo and Others/  issues 78-100 / DC COMICS / 22 issues Ongoing

Hands down the best writing for Nightwing/Dick Grayson in a long time!  

Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow - The Nerdy Basement

5. Supergirl Woman of Tomorrow – Writer: Tom King Artist: Bilquis Evely / DC COMICS / 8 ISSues

She is NOT superman! And this story brings to that to the forefront early! 

Daredevil - The Nerdy Basement

4. Daredevil – Writer: CHIP ZSDARSKY Artist:(various) / MARVEL 36 Issues (Ongoing)

Swamp Thing - The Nerdy Basement

3. Swamp Thing – Writer: Ram V Artist: Mike Perkins / DC COMICS / 16 ISSue 

A story on a character that needed a facelift for a long time coming. And stays true to what the character stands for.  

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers - The Nerdy Basement

2. Mighty Morphin  / Power Rangers –
Writer: Ryan Parrot  Artist: (various) /  BOOM! STUDIOS  22 ISSUES each 

ITS MORPHINOMINAL! Enough Said haha  

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