Donny Cates has built a reputation on huge world-ending storylines and has created one of the most frightening entities of the Marvel universe Knull. And with Jason Aaron passing the hammer onto him he has already given us a new threat that All-Father Thor must stand against that even the likes of Galactus is fearful of, the BLACK WINTER has come again! If your reading this then you must have read issue 1 already and that’s good because there will be SPOILERS!



I will start by saying I’m liking the direction this is going. Thor has semi-retired from playing the hero on Midgard so a cosmic threat is needed for this all-powerful Thor. After learning of the Black Winter in issue 1 its cool to see that the cataclysm bridges between events happening in other titles ie; Silver Surfer Black as well as shaping a new tale we get to unravel. The World devourer has made King Thor his new herald and got a fresh new look and power set. I am liking this but I’m hesitant to say I’m loving it just because I want to make sure things stay on course for what I feel is the definitive end to our hero in King Thor by Jason Aaron.

On to what I liked. Found it funny that Thor (Donny Cates) brought up the DC universe by describing the Justice League in the intro pages, claiming they would not fair well against the Black Winter. Personally I think they would have figured out a way but that’s not the discussion right now lol. As you know there are 5 planets Galactus must consume to gain the strength needed to stand against the BW with the aid of his herald Thor. But the very first one is inhabited and Thor cannot sit by and watch him devour a world full of innocent beings. This creates tension between the two of course and brings some awesome action panels of the world being destroyed. With Thor feeling the weight of Mjnoir only brings more curiosity into why that would be with proving himself worthy again in War of The Realms, hoping the reasoning is fleshed out sooner rather than later personally. The artwork by Nic Klein brings the issue full circle with each page. A highlight of the book, overall a good issue. It is still the start of the arc and we need to see where he takes us moving forward. Leave your comments below let’s talk about the issue, likes/dislikes. And as always Stay Nerdy!