Dial H for Hero #2 channels its inner anime and manga and it’s probably the most epic comic I have read this week. In this issue Mr. Thunderbolt is on the hunt for the H Dial, and he is doing whatever it takes to get his hands on it. And while The Operator has been doing his best to warn Miguel about the impending danger. Miguel doesn’t want to hear it.

His first opposition is Barnaby, who’s being controlled by Mr. Thunderbolt. While Barnaby seems like a weak, old man. He manages to get his hands on the H Dial and here ensues what is literally the most epic DC Manga crossover I never knew I needed or wanted.


I can clearly tell that Sam Humphries and Joe Quinones are legit anime and manga fans. There’s two super secret/not so super secret origins for Jobu, The Zonkey King, who’s super secret origin is reminiscent of Dragon Ball and one for Iron DreadHead, who’s “let’s fight first and introduce ourselves later” origin is reminiscent of Pacific Rim and maybe even Neon Genesis Evangelion, classic anime series. Go watch it and thank me later.

As I mentioned above this is a DC Manga crossover I never knew I wanted or one that I never knew I needed. Joe Quinones kills it with his anime style illustrations. I really love how he encapsulated it, especially in this format. Even the colors of Jordan Gibson compliment so very much and as a huge anime/manga fan myself I throughly enjoyed it.

Mr. Thunderbolt and The Thunderbolt Club now have their hands on the H Dial, we’ll have to see how things turn out when Officer Grandle dials the phone and how Miguel’s encounter with Superman goes when he arrives at Metropolis.