When I first heard that DC was writing a Zombie Apocalypse Event I instantly had 2 thoughts, 1. Its about time!! 2. Who could they get to really take this concept to the next level? The answer…… Tom “The Man” Taylor!!! This issue is the start of everything you didn’t know you wanted from a horror event featuring your favorite DC Comics Pantheon of Heroes. The best way to describe this first issue of DCeased would be; Grim, Gruesome and absolutely Gorgeous!

The story starts out as many other DC major events, the Justice League is fighting Darkseid. However that doesn’t last as Darkseid has found what he’s been searching for….. the Anti-life equation. From here the story takes a very unexpected sharp turn towards a darkness not seen in the DC Universe since Geoff Johns brought us “Blackest Night”. I cannot praise the writing of Tom Taylor enough, this is the man that took a video game prequel story one shot “Injustice Gods Among Us” and turned it into a 5 Volume cult classic amongst the Comic Book and gaming Communities.

This book is an alternate reality story so you don’t need to worry about continuity or this affecting the Main DC Universe. The pacing to this story is next level crazy, from the minute you start reading Tom Taylor sets the tone. Panel after panel, page after page you are freaking out wondering what is going to happen next!!! The art work by Trevor Hairsine is hauntingly beautiful, it builds and expands on the tone of the story in a way that is needed when you have this kind of horror story.

I recommend this book SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Go out to your local comic book story or buy the book online on Comixology. Believe me you do not want to miss out on this story!!