Nothing goes according to plan as things start getting good in Meet the Skrulls’second issue.


We left off last issue with Alice being sort of a problem for her family, Moloth, The Elders and essentially The Skrull Empire. This issue builds a little more foundation on that as Project Blossom is already in its second phase.

Alice’s transformation signature has been detected and she is now being tracked but before we get into all of that and what essentially happens to the Warner Family this issue. Let’s talk about the flashback on Throneworld. Where we find a young Carl, and his parents fighting off Galactus, the eater of worlds. We can safely assume Galactus is hungry and he is here to feast.

In a cool nod to Superman, Carl gets sent off planet by his mother Alkss, so he is the sole survivor of his family. Which is once again, a nice nod to Superman and his sendoff from Krypton as Krypton’s last son.


It ends in a nice parallel to present day Earth with Carl mowing his front lawn as Madison rushes him to take her to the party. Mission briefing ensues indoors. Followed by Carl scorning Alice as he questions not only her mind, but her existence as a Skrull entirely. Which was a little hurtful, even for me and I’m not even a Skrull.

Remember I mentioned that nothing goes according to plan in this issue? We’ll yeah nothing goes according to plan for anyone. Let’s start off with Madison who has just arrived at Hannah’s home for the party only to be greeted by her parents at the front door. Who were not supposed to be there. While the plan is to steal intel from the Miller’s safe, due to Hannah’s parents not being home. Madison reassures that she has a backup plan.


In a twist of events we find Hannah wanting to be more like Madison. Shocking right?

Carl has once again been confronted by Moloth who’s now taken the form of a woman. Moloth has discovered Agent Echo Lima (last seen at the end of Issue #1) and warns Carl that Alice’s signature might’ve been picked up by him and he is now tracking her.

Fast forward to Alice and her mission to befriend Andrea. While seem as overly timid and weak. Alice finds a nice way of thwarting Andrea by hitting her where it hurts most. The boyfriend. Success at last.

Back at the Miller’s household, Madison’s backup plan has succeeded and she has also landed a date to Homecoming with Caleb. Double whammy!


Shifting quickly to Carl and Gloria who finally meet up for their dinner date. Gloria is stuck in form of the “Stark Security” guard she had to fend off trying to secure the escape route. It’s a rather touching moment at dinner with Carl and Gloria. As Carl makes it clear that no matter what shape or form Gloria takes, she is still beautiful. But that is quickly turned around at the mention of Moloth, as Carl is forced to lie and tell Gloria that “everything is ok” when in reality it isn’t.

Alice has been successfully tracked down and found by Agent Echo Lima. What’s next? We aren’t sure yet as the issue ends on a cliffhanger. But given how Agent Echo Lima has been hunting down and killing Skrulls, Alice’s will will be tested. It’s do or die.

Overall it was a great issue and I cannot wait to see how the rest of this story unfolds. It’s great to see this side of the Skrulls, even if it means they’re here to take over Earth and turn it into a new Throneworld. Sounds a bit familiar right? We won’t get into that right now thought.

Meet the Skrulls #2 by Robbie Thompson and Niko Henrichon

Images courtesy of Marvel Comics

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