ITS HERE!! The highly anticipated Batman 86 from James Tynion IV. The writer of many titles such as JL Dark and Detective Comics run. Who could forget the moments he built the bat team comprised of hero’s, villains, and anti-villains alike. Bringing us new gadgets and compelling stories; this man is not scared to kill him a Robin (temporarily) if it suits the story lol. I’m obviously saying I’ve been excited to see what one of my favorite writers brings to the Batman mythos.


Were back in Gotham with Bane City now behind us. Bruce is now building his way to the Gotham he has always dreamt of. Having the support of Selina Kyle and Lucius Fox in his corner its business as usual for Batman. Unveiling new toys to assist him in thwarting the group of assassins lead by Deathstroke. (Definitely give off Arkham Origins feel. But still awesome) Its Batman’s first mission since he defeated his father Thomas Wayne for the mantle of Batman and his city. Though impressive as always when Batman can best Deathstroke in a one on one match the biggest theme that stuck out to me was Bruce still reeling from the absence of Alfred. All it took was for a tired Batman to say “Alfred send word ….” damn all the feels hit at that moment. Lucius was only able to say he was sorry but Alfred wasnt on the other line. 🙁 yeah i know you teared up too.

Were set up for a story that Batman has to learn to move on without his father figure of the past years, and try to do right by his memory. It will be a daunting task. Not to mention that Tynion has potentially given us 2 big plot points to expect. One being the obvious Joker planning something huge for the Dark Knight. The other if i interpreted correctly. Catwoman heard a familiar voice from the poor victim of the crime. So we potentially have some big things coming. I for one am very excited to see how he keeps Alfred’s memory alive through the run.

All in all solid first issue. Cant fully critique the beginning of a run with just one issue lol. But i think were in good hands. What did you all think of the issue. comment below and let me know. And if you didn’t check out our recent preview post. Here’s some of the preview pages again 🙂