The Wastelands are about to get a whole lot (A)vengeful! lol Welcome everyone, we are back in the universe that gave the late Old Man Logan his amazing (but sad) origin story. If you haven’t read Ed Brisson’s recent ending to Dead Man Logan you may have a slightly difficult time keeping up with this comic long story short though, the world is run by super villains but Logan helped spark the flame again by taking out three of the big bads in the events of Old Man Logan. And now 2 years after the Death of Logan a new Ant-Man arose, a young Hulk is working to pay amends for his family misdeeds, and the legacy child of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones Dani has raised the mighty Mjnoir and became the new Thor!

For your Non-Spoiler review, the story is already shaping. What it already has going for them is the fact so much of the world has been told with Dead Man Logan, as well as Old Man Hawkeye, Old Man Quill. So seeing how this world turns out is enticing. I was already a fan of the other titles and have enjoyed the turnout. The great thing about this world is its no holds bar attitude, Anything can go with the story. Its the comeback kid mentality, the wastelands are already pretty bad to live so what’s a bit worse. And with the surprise at the end of the story, it brings a fun spin to the story. Overall the issue gets a solid 3.75 out of 5. The only reason is because I want to see how this shapes up, and it already had a nice headstart being a continuation of a previous title. A new reader would have to backtrack if they want the full details or some backstory to keep up, but besides that fun to read.

Keeping this in a short and sweet fashion, favorite pieces of the story as I’ve already explained stem from already being set in previous books. So many awesome things have happened for the universe that building from those points makes it that much more exciting. Everything from Thor’s return and now a mysterious Captain America arriving! I know its not our Steve Rogers but I can imagine the scenario that one of the vials of the super-soldier serum from Old Man Hawkeye made its way to someone who was halfway decent. So if your a fan of the OML series this will be a fun read for you to pick up on. Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed the issue and what some of your favorite moments were. As always Stay Nerdy!