Nocterra #2 Starts To Step On The Gas! (Review)

Nocterra #2 shows us the hard truth of things unseen in the dark

Issue 2 of Nocterra is in the books. The BIG PM took many lives including Val Riggs AKA Sundog and her brother Emory’s parents. And our protagonist demeanor has only grown darker because of it. This issue is a starting point to opening up the world we’re currently in; the group stops at a “port” a location made by fellow ferrymen to give stops along the way for a chance to rest. Tensions flair when Val tells her passenger that she does not trust him or his story, but she wants her money. So their trip will continue or he will be sorry. To read our review on Issue 1 click here

This is a story about all the things we cant see

Nocterra Issue 2

While the group tries to get some rest before their continued journey, Bellwether calls to warn them that Blacktop Bill is on the hunt for Val’s passengers. Not long after demanding the truth from the passenger Blacktop has arrived and already proven he is not one to trifle with. With no hesitation he clearly states his intentions of eliminating his targets. An ultimatum is made but Val finally hears some truth from her passengers and chose to take her ferry the rest of the way.

Needless to say, this issue is a starting point to build the story ahead. Unfortunately, it has the potential to be a story that has a slow burn the first 7-10 issues, But hoping the ride to the big reveal pays off at the end. I said in the last review that this world has plenty of potential to stir up some awesome moments. And we know Scott Snyder can pump out some awesome stuff. Grab your copy at your local comic shop and let us know what you think in the comments!

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