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Moon Knight #10 (Marvel Comics Review)

Moon Knight attends his weekly therapy sessions but isn’t getting the help needs. Or who he expects it to be from.

The Fist of Khonshu has a lot on his plate, as usual. First, he has to deal with a Zodiac, a villain who masqueraded as his friend and attacked Marc. Secondly, a former Hydra agent escaped from Ravencroft Institute. The assassin, Rutherford Winner, is looking to involve himself with the Midnight Mission. More than likely, this will also involve Marc. Finally, something is up with Marc’s therapist. How will Marc deal with all this? When will the madness end? Let’s find out in the recent issue of Moon Knight.

The fully suited Moon Knight is speaking with Dr. Andrea Sterman, his therapist. They are discussing recent events. Primarily, they are talking about Winner and his escape. Marc tells the doctor that he came to his place with a gun. The doctor warns him as Moon Knight assures her that he knows. She then explains his history with Hydra. He basically was the Winter Soldier. Due to this, the doctor believes Rutherford cannot be saved.

Back at Moon Knight’s place, both he and Rutherford talk about the break-in. The pair fight as Rutherford is eager to speak with “his doctor”. The jealous assassin just wants to get his life back. Moon Knight then knocks him over, stating that Dr. Sterman is his. Speaking of, she explains why Marc is different from Rutherford. She is sure that Marc has more self-control. Also, she goes off by saying that Marc is making comparisons, even mentioning Zodiac. Dr. Sterman adds that Marc is driven by guilt. His compassion makes him different from the assassin.

Moon Knight is not happy with what the doctor has to say. He does compare himself to Rutherford, but not to boost his own ego. Marc believes that Rutherford needs help and that they both have her aid. As the fight progresses, so does Dr. Sterman’s stubbornness. Back in therapy, Marc then threatens to hurt the doctor if the “real Dr. Sterman” is dead.

This leaves the so-called doctor sweaty and nervous. During the matchup between the killers, Rutherford revealed that the doctor was an imposter. Moon Knight then brings up whomever this is and their crimes. It is revealed that both men were right and Moon Knight was speaking with Waxman. The creature admits to killing three women and also working with Zodiac. Before he tries killing Moon Knight, he uses freezing grenades to stop Waxman.

Waxman then wakes up in a steel sphere. Moon Knight demands answers on Dr. Sterman’s location. However, Waxman taunts him, even saying that this will go on forever. Yet, Moon Knight threatens to encase him in cement if he does not spill. No pun intended. The menacing words of Moon Knight scare Waxman as he reveals that the doctor is alive. Despite this, Moon Knight still drops concrete on the monster.

The vigilante was also with Soldier, Tigra, and Rutherford at the time of the “exchange”. Moon Knight is out for blood and needs the trio’s help to complete the mission. He even allows them to leave if they do not want to continue. The issue ends as Moon Knight embarks on stopping Zodiac. Jed MacKay does a great job with the writing! I enjoyed seeing Marc sympathizing with someone other than an ally or civilian. He sees that someone is in a similar situation as him.

A mind being corrupted, he needs help too. Also, I liked how Marc did not use his D.I.D. as a reason to deny Rutherford help. Marc is just as bad mentally but is a good person wanting to help out. Seeing both killers working side-by-side, especially with Marc’s words was great! Not to mention, Rutherford tells Marc about the deception from Waxman. Finally, Moon Knight using Waxman’s lie against him was funny and scary. The truth shall set you free. Except for Waxman.

As for the art, it is still great! Alessandro Cappuccio and Rachelle Rosenberg continue to show their creativity throughout the issue and storyline. The dark and light shading on Moon Knight’s suit is the best example of that. Additionally, mixing the black and white with a little glowing turquoise combo was beautiful! The fight scenes were also really good to look at.

Also, the design of Waxman, who kind of looked like Clayface. Yet, the facial structure looks really cool and unique. Rosenberg and Cory Smith’s work on the cover is also great! Rutherford represents the sniper pointing at Marc. Seeing how Marc also has a hand reaching him, this also signals the eventual alliance between the two.

Also, he is pulled by Waxman, detailing a good sense of what the story was going to offer. Lastly, the additional hands pulling Moon Knight could also mean that he has all these issues to deal with. Or even the lies Waxman told him. This was an awesome cover!

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