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Upcoming Comics: BOOM! Studios – February 22, 2023 (Specs #4, Damn Them All #5, Faithless Volume 3)

We’ve been bombarding you with a ton of comic book news, previews, and solicitations and we know that can be a bit overwhelming! To maintain the rhythm of things, this week we have compiled previews for all of this week’s BOOM! Studios releases. We are days away from New Comic Book Day and if you keep up with us on Twitter, we’ll have our weekly top picks ready for you. In the meantime, however, check out all the covers and interior pages for this week’s releases.

If you missed the May 2023 solicitations for Marvel, DC, and Titan, BOOM! Studios and ABLAZE, you can check them all out by clicking on the highlighted text. Let us know your top picks for this week. We’re anxious to know what you are all reading alongside us!

SPECS #4 (Final Issue)

In the midst of Ted still being a suspect for murder with the town against him, a sequence of events following Skunk’s disappearance could change things forever. But what consequences will one final wish have for Ted and Kenny’s present?

Faithless Vol. 3 (Trade Paperback)

Faith’s descent isn’t always pretty, but it’s sexy as hell. After Faith’s paintings take the art world by storm, she vanishes as quickly as she comes, leaving tongues wagging. Is her disappearance a wild publicity stunt, a cry for help from an uninitiated artist, or something altogether too sinister to fathom? With Louis Thorne behind her catastrophic rise to stardom… who’s really to say? Faith and the devil go head-to-head in this final chapter of New York Times bestseller Brian Azzarello (Moonshine, Batman: Damned) and Maria Llovet’s (Luna, Heartbeat) erotically charged series about sexual and magical awakenings and those caught in the crosshairs of good and evil. Collects Faithless III #1-6.

Damn Them All #5

Dueling demons have become a staple of underground life, while a brutal tragedy’s silver lining might have brought Ellie a golden advantage in the infernal prize fights. Meanwhile, Ellie and Dora reckon with their own internal demons, and Ellie makes necromantic plans that could spell massive changes for the underworld.

Dune: House Harkonnen #2

While Gurney sings blasphemous songs in defiance of the Baron, who grows weaker from his stubborn affliction by the day, the fruitless production of artificial spice continues to infuriate Fenring and Shaddam, and a hidden stash of organic spice further complicates things. Meanwhile, Duke Leto is watched from afar by a person of untold significance for his future and lineage…

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #3

It’s SHREDDER vs. RANGER X as the battle goes underway and Rita’s armies are a powerful match for our de-powered heroes! Unlikely alliances and unlikely sanctuaries abound as the Rangers and Turtles, specifically, Billy and Donatello, put their heads together and create a secret weapon. But the problem is… it might change them in ways they can’t come back from!

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #4

The Apocalympics begin, but it isn’t fun and games–the Wasteland Rangers won’t let Maceo, a rival suitor for Mezzy, go without competing to the death! The stakes are high as Mezzy’s close connection with The Rangers’ Chieftess is revealed and Maceo seems out of his league. But there’s more than one way to save someone…

Something Is Killing the Children #29

It’s the final hour for Erica as she has no choice left but to face the Duplicitype and save Tribulation from its reckoning. But Cutter’s looming arrival isn’t the only thing competing for the rogue Black Mask’s attention. Gabi has her own plans–ones that put her in grave danger.

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