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‘Sleeping Beauties’ Volume 2 Release Date (Advanced Preview)

IDW Publishing’s epic conclusion of ‘Sleeping Beauties’ draws near as the second volume of this horror fantasy is set to release on July 26th and we’re here to bring to you an advanced sneak peek at the upcoming volume which collects Sleeping Beauties #6-10. The graphic novel adaption of ‘Sleeping Beauties’ comes together from writer Rio Youers and artist Alison Sampson and is based on the horror fantasy novel of the same name hailing from Stephen King and Owen King.

Sleeping Beauties Vol. 1 imagines a world where women have sunken into a deep, cocooned slumber, their dreams taking them to an idyllic other place. They can only wake if disturbed, which results in violent, feral behavior. Meanwhile, the men have inherited the Earth, their society devolving into barbarism. Provocative and absorbing, Sleeping Beauties is a gripping dark fantasy of gender dynamics, individuality, and toxic masculinity.

Sleeping Beauties Vol. 2 is filled with mystery and chillingly grounded horror, in the final book of this two-part series, nearly every woman has fallen ill to the Aurora sickness, caught in a never-ending sleep. One woman, Eve Black is immune to this illness and claims to hold the cure for the other women of the world. As the citizens of Dooling clash on theories of how best to handle Eve, factions form, and war seems close at hand. But Eve has her own plans: a test with global consequences. Packed with action, gore, and timely commentary, this is one finale you do not want to miss.

Sleeping Beauties Vol. 2 releases July 26th from IDW Publishing.

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