WWE SMACKDOWN – (RESULTS) – (01/17/20)

Here are your results for WWE Smackdown on January 17th, 2020:

Smackdown kicks off with a tribute to late WWE Hall Of Famer, “Soul Man” Rocky Johnson.

Segment: Kane‘s music hits and comes out to make his return to Smackdown. Kane says he holds the record for most eliminations in Royal Rumble history, and talks about Wrestlemania. Bray Wyatt and The Firefly Funhouse interruptes Kane. Bray Wyatt talked about the Royal Rumble and of a picture on the wall of the Funhouse that reminded him of when the Fiend attacked Kane in the past. He threatened the Big Red Machine and the lights went out in the arena. When the lights come back, The Fiend came out of a hole in the ring to attack Kane from behind. An unfazed Kane asked “What took you so long?” But The Fiend was blindsided by a running knee strike from Daniel Bryan, who entered the ring. The Fiend retreated through the hole in the ring, but Bryan managed to rip out a few of his dreadlocks before he escaped. Team Hell No then led the crowd into a “Yes!” chant.

Segment: Backstage, Team Hell No bickered a little till they both agreed they outsmarted Bray Wyatt. Bryan then issues a challenge: to make their Royal Rumble bout a Strap Match, putting the guy who always disappears into the type of match where he can’t!

Match 1: John Morrison (with The Miz) defeats Big E Langston (with Kofi Kingston) with the Starship Pain to win his return match!

Segment: Backstage, The Usos are with Roman Reigns and they ask him what stipulation he would pick for his match with King Corbin at the Royal Rumble. Reigns said they would find out just like everyone else. They then performed the Usos’ catchphrase together.

Match 2: The Usos defeat The Revival when Jimmy Uso pinned Dash Wilder with an Uso Splash to win the tag match.

Segment: Backstage, The Revival tell Kayla Braxton that if the company wasn’t going to make a change, they needed to make a change. The interview was interrupted by a huge brawl between Bayley and Sasha Banks fighting with Lacey Evans!!!

Segment: Mandy Rose approached Sonya Deville as she was preparing for a match later. Deville asked Rose to ask Otis to be ringside at her match, saying she figured out what Rose sees in him now. Rose agreed to ask but didn’t look happy about it.

Segment: As Sasha iced her ankle, Bayley said she would turn Lacey into a stay-at-home mom. Due to Sasha’s injury, Adam Pearce announces that management has put Bayley in a match with Evans instead. Bayley said she would do it, but wouldn’t give Evans a title shot. Pearce confirms that the match would be non-title.

Match 3: Lacey Evans defeats Bayley. Evans pinned the Smackdown Women’s Champion in a non-title match after hitting her with the Women’s Right.

Segment: Sheamus interrupts Shorty G’s backstage interview and proceeds to mock him for being short. G snaps and attacked him.

Segment: Backstage, Braun Strowman is with Kayla Braxton and cuts a promo about why he deserves a shot at Shinsuke Nakamura’s Intercontinental Championship.

Segment: In the ring, Elias is about to have a musical performance. He is interrupted by Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn said that Nakamura “will absolutely not defend his title” against Strowman. Elias insulted the trio and all three ended attacking him. Strowman comes out and makes the save for Elias.

A Rocky Johnson memorial video package is played.

Match 4: Alexa Bliss defeated Sonya Deville with a roll up after a distraction caused by Mandy Rose trying to get involved in the match, Nikki Cross knocked her from the apron onto Otis’s arms.

Segment: Backstage, King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler, and Robert Roode talked about the upcoming Roode vs. Reigns Tables Match. Corbin said that after their victory, they would choose a stipulation that would make Reigns “bow down to his king.”

A Smackdown Women’s Championship match between Bayley and Lacey Evans and a singles match between Shorty G and Sheamus were announced for the Royal Rumble. Bryan vs. Wyatt was officially made a Strap Match as well.

Match 5: Roman Reigns defeats Robert Roode in a Tables Match. Corbin and Ziggler both got involved in this match but were interjected by The Usos. Reigns capitalized by spearing Roode through a table set up in a corner of the ring for the win!

After the match, Roman announces his stipulation for the match with Corbin at The Royal Rumble: A Falls Count Anywhere Match as the show goes off the air ▪