Here are your results for WWE Smackdown for January 10th, 2020.

WWE Smackdown kicks off with Miz TV!

Segment: Miz comes out and says last week he had a bad day, and says he’s sorry to Kofi Kingston. Miz says his brother is back and brings out his guest, John Morrison. Morrison says he’s back but is disappointed in the WWE Universe for turning on The Miz last week. The New Day interrupts and they don’t believe in Miz’s half-ass apology and claim Miz is turning back into the old annoying Miz. A match is set between the two.

Match 1: The Miz defeats Kofi Kingston

Segment: Bray Wyatt is back with his Firefly Fun House. Bray says Daniel Bryan has been naughty lately and is in trouble when he has to face The Fiend at Royal Rumble.

Segment: Elias is in the ring and he sings his way into an entry into the Royal Rumble Match and begins to name-mock all the other competitors.

Segment: Sonya DeVille and Mandy Rose are backstage. Sonya hypes up their friendship and how things are gonna be great for them this 2020. Mandy is getting ready for her match and leaves. She then approaches Heavy Machinery’s Otis and Tucker. She gives Otis an ‘I’m Sorry’ cake to apologize for what happened weeks ago and gives him a kiss.

Match 2: Mandy Rose defeats Alexa Bliss with some help/distraction from Otis, who came out eating the cake! Mandy was celebrating the win along with Otis.

Segment: Bayley is backstage but shows up on the JumboTron. She says Sasha Banks didn’t show up to Smackdown due to her working on her rap album but she’s here and calls out Lacey Evans. Lacey is backstage looking for her until she is blindsided by Bayley and both ladies brawl backstage until Bayley gets the upper hand and lays her out.

Segment: Backstage, Daniel Bryan says The Fiend can be hurt and defeated, and he will do it at Royal Rumble. However, Rambling Rabbit offers some advice on how to defeat The Fiend, but pays for it!

Match 3: Braun Strowman defeats Shinsuke Nakamura

A video segment is shown in which Sheamus cuts a promo saying size does matter and he will embrace chaos!

Segment: Backstage, Daniel Bryan receives a dead Ramblin Rabbit!

Segment: In the ring, Roman Reigns claims 2020 is his year and he will win the Royal Rumble Match and main event WrestleMania 36. King Corbin comes out and he too announces his entry into the Royal Rumble Match. Roman challenges him to a one on one match at the Rumble, which Corbin accepts.

Match 4: King Corbin & Dolph Ziggler defeat The Usos by DQ after Roman interfered.

After the match, Robert Roode returned from suspension and beats down Roman. Corbin and Ziggler take out The Usos. Corbin, Ziggler and Roode then attack Roman and put him through the announce table to end Smackdown ▪