WWE Smackdown Live – 09/03/19 – (Results)

The following are the results of the September 3rd, 2019 edition of WWE Smackdown Live, that emanated live from Norfolk, VA:

1. Video package from Monday Night RAW recapping Bayley’s actions and heel turn.

2. Segment: Bayley opens the show. The crowd is mixed with both ‘Boos’ and ‘Bayley’ chants. She says that its confusing to hear from everyone saying how they didn’t see it coming. Seeing as Sasha Banks is her friend, she’s alwags gonna have her back. She’s been asjed about being a role model and the kids, to which she says she wants to show your kids what it means to be loyal, and have a friend’s back. She plans to be a role model and be the best champion ever and it will start at Clash Of Champions when she takes on the selfish, Charlotte Flair, who doesnt know what it means to be a champion. Out comes Charlotte to a huge pop. She says she is not selfish. What you see is what you get and doesn’t hide fron she is. She is quickly interrupted by Sasha Banks. Charlotte attacks Bayley which prompts Sasha to run in the ring! After a brief exchange of punches between Sasha and Charlotte, Bayley whacks Charlotte with a steel chair on her back! Seconds later, she hands Sasha the steel chair and proceeds to assault Charlotte repeatedly leaving writhing in pain. Bayley and Sasha leave the ring and celebrate their friendship and actions up the ramp.

3. Match – KoTR Tournament  Quaterfinals: Elias defeats Ali with his Drift Away finisher in a spectacular back-and-forth match!

4. Segment: Kayla Braxton interviews Samoa Joe regarding the controversial ending to last night’s match with Ricochet, which has prompted. Joe says he’s put in a predicament where he has to contend with another pretender on his way to the throne. All will bend the knee when he wins the tournament and crowned king!

5. Video package announcing Stone Cold Steve Austin’s return to next week’s RAW – Live from Madison Square Garden in New York, where he’ll moderate the contract signing of Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman’s championship match at Clash Of Champions.

6. Segment: Alisteir Black cuts a promo about if the mountain is not coming to him, then he will come to mountain. He will be coming to the ring and see if anyone is man enough to pick a fight with him.

7. Match: Mandy Rose & Sonya DeVille defeat Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross defeat Rose pins Bliss after a running knee strike!

8. Segment: Randy Orton is seen walking backstage and he is in a very serious mood!

9. Segment: Chad Gable is backstage warming up for his match against Andrade later on, when Joe comes in and plays mind games by calling him short. He tells Chad that he’s in the coming kingdom of Joe.

10. Segment: Randy Orton comes out to the ring. He says Clash of Champions is in two weeks, so to get ready to see a new champion. He says Kofi Kingston is a fraud. He enjoyed setting up Kofi last week backstage and beating him up and hearing that sweet sound: the banging of Kofi’s head on the floor with a DDT. He calls out Kofi. As he was heading out, Kofi was being ganged up by The Revival, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson. Randy and The Revival proceed to beat up Kofi even further. While The Revival held Kofi, he screams at Kofi and says he will beat him in front of his family, friends, fans and anyone watching with the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment, the R-K- and Kofi breaks away as attacks all three men. However he is overmatched by them and loses the upper hand, only to be set up by The Revival for Randy to deliver the RKO. Randy and The Revival celebrate over Kofi’s unconscious body!

11. Video Recap of the events between Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan in the weeks leading to the mystery attacks, to the reveal of Erik Rowan as the assailant and Roman’s spear attack on Daniel at last week’s show.

12. Roman Reigns vs. Erik Rowan going one-on-one in a match has been announced for Clash Of Champions.

13. Match – King Of The Ring Quarterfinals: Chad Gable defeats Andrade with reversal a in a shocking upset!!! Gable celebrates the win while Andrade and Zelina are both in the ring in disbelief!

14. Segment: Alisteir Black comes out to the ring awaiting who is gonna answer his challenge. Out comes Shelton Benjamin and we have a match!

15. Match: Aleister Black defeats Shelton Benjamin with the Black Mass Kick for the win!

16. Segment: WWE 24/7 Champion Drake and Renee Maverick were in a boiler room for some reason and he telling her that they need to get out of there. Then a bunch of jobbers ran up and tried to pin him. Bo Dallas ends up pinning him to win the WWE 24/7 Title.

17. Shinsuke Nakamura defeats a local enhancement talent! Sami Zayn sat in on commentary to praise and promote Shinsuke.

18. Segment: WWE 24/7 Title mayhem enters the ring with a whole bunch of wrestlers. Bo Dallas loses the 24/7 Title to Drake Maverick and he runs away. Then R-Truth is revealed hiding in plain sight on the King Of The Ring set with a lamp shade on his head. He sneaks up from behind and pins Maverick before running off with the WWE 24/7 Title!

19. Segment: Daniel Bryan comes out and cuts a promo about how he’s not guilty by association just because Rowan is now guilty for some reason. Bryan wants an apology from Roman Reigns because he is calling him a liar! Roman comes out to thw ring but was blindsided from behind by Erik Rowan. Rowan slams Roman into the steel ring steps and then gets slammed onto the ring apron. Rowan threw Roman against the ring post after tosses Daniel Bryan to the side. Rowan hits Roman with an iron claw slam. Rowan grabs the mic and says he’s nobody’s puppet!  He said he’s proud of the accident backstage and the pain that he’s going to feel at Clash Of Champions. He then throws  Roman out of the ring and picks up ring steps before running Roman over with them. Bryan comes up to his face and slaps him a couple of times to his face to try and talk some sense into him. Rowan them hits the iron claw slam on Bryan through the announce table as the show goes off the air!