WWE Smackdown Live – 08/20/19 – (Results)

The following are the results of the August 20th, 2019 edition of WWE Smackdown Live, that emanated live from St. Paul, MN:

1. Randy Orton kicks off the show as he makes his way to the ring. He says he always speaks to the truth unlike Kofi who is a liar. On top of that, he says Kofi is stupid for being a coward in front of his wife and kids. Every time he gave Kofi a chance to not be a coward, he fails. Kofi’s New Day music plays and as Randy awaits him, he turns around and eats Trouble In Paradise to the face courtesy of Kofi. Kofi proceeds to get a chair and hook the leg to injure him until The Revival comes in to save Randy. They are both met with chair shots by Kofi while Randy runs away up the ramp.

2. A video package is shown regarding Roman Reigns’ mystery attacks as well as clips relating to Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan for the past few weeks.

3. Match: Andrade defeats Apollo Crews in a KoTR qualifying match after a distraction from Zelina Vega leads to the Double-Underhook DDT.

4. Segment: Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan appear with a hooded figure who they berate and threaten if he moves, implying that the person is indeed the mysterious assailant that’s been attacking Roman Reigns.

5. Segment: Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross host a Special Edition of “A Moment Of Bliss” and she welcomes Charlotte Flair. Charlotte talks about her match with Trish Stratus at SummerSlam and how she took the torch, unlike it being a passing of the torch as stated. Flair said she is the face of the SmackDown women’s division. Bliss said Bayley is the Women’s Champion and then Flair said she’s “the brand” and called Bayley an afterthought. Bayley came out and told Flair that she’s had enough of the insults and her insults sound like a bunch of excuses. At the end of the day, Bayley is a champion and that eats Flair up inside. Flair said nobody was talking about Bayley vs Moon at Summerslam and wants to restore its prestige when she beats her at Clash Of Champions. Bayley accepts her challenge and before she left, knocks Flair out of her chair.

6. Segment: Backstage, Roman Reigns approached Buddy Murphy and asked him to recollect what he said to him about seeing Rowan. He said he “thinks” he saw Rowan. Roman promises to kick his ass all over again if he’s lying.

7. Segment: Elias is backstage plating with his guitar when he sees a stagehand and discovers that he is a referee in disguise! He demands the ref to tell him who is the person and where is he hiding. The ref tells Eluas that the person is hiding in one of the crates. As Elias opens the crate, Drake Maverick comes up to attack but is subdued by Elias who forces him to read a memo from Shane McMahon stating that the 24/7 championship rules have been suspended for the night so Elias can focus on his match against Kevin Owens in the King Of The Ring qualifying match tonite.

8. Match: Buddy Murphy defeats Daniel Bryan with Murphy’s Law after capitalizing on miscommunication between Bryan and Erik Rowan.

9. Segment: Kayla Braxton is backstage with Buddy Murphy as she was interviewing him after his big win. Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan come in an viciously attack him all over the backstage area until referees and officials separate them.

10. Segment: The Revival come out not 100% on their way to the ring for their match. They cut a promo challenging The New Day for a tag team title match at Clash Of Champions next month.

11. Match: The Revival defeated Heavy Machinery in a tag team action.

12. Segment: The Miz is out in the ring with a special edition of “Miz TV” and welcomes his guest, who requested the time: Sami Zayn! Zayn says he’s been losing matches for months now and has an epiphany. His success always came out of helping others and that is what he’s gonna do now. As Miz mocks him, out comes Inter-Continental Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn says Shinsuke is a Japanese poet, an artist and has been going thru a lot of pain and can’t articulate nor express it. So from now on, if you want to speak to Shinsuke, you have to go thru Sami. When Miz addresses Shinsuke, he is directed to speak to Sami. When Miz speaks to Sami, he is blindsided with a sidekick to the back of his head. Sami then picks up Miz and sets him up for Shinsuke to hit the kinyasa running knee to the face knocking him out cold. Sami and Shinsuke celebrate over a fallen Miz.

13. Segment: Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan enter their locked room and sit down with the hooded and berate him about presenting him to Roman Reigns later on tonite.

14. Segment: Shane McMahon welcomes back Kevin Owens again. Shane said he’s been reconsidering his stance on the fine as long as Owens apologizes for putting his hands on referees and/or officials, which he hasnt done so. Owens apologizes for putting his hands on referees and officials. Shane says as long as they are clear, the next time he puts his hands on a referee or official, he is fired!

15. Match: Elias Samson defeats Kevin Owens in the KoTR qualifying match after Shane McMahon shows up, unveils a referee shirt, excuses the assigned referee, inserts himself into the match and makes a fast three-count in a pinfall attempt by Elias.

16. Segment: Roman Reigns walks into Daniel Bryan’s locker room and finds Erik Rowan sitting down with the seating hooded figure. Bryan yells at Roman saying that for weeks he told him that Rowan was innocent and had to go to great lengths in his own investigation to exonerate his friend. Bryan unveils the hooded figure and reveals an Erik Rowan look-alike! Both Rowans stare down at Roman who has a confused look on his face as the show goes off the air!